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REVIEW: Soho Cinders – Webster’s Theatre, Glasgow

It’s refreshing to see George Stiles and Anthony Drew’s little seen modern adaptation of Cinderella, Soho Cinders being staged in Glasgow, and highly anticipated when you know it’s Mad Props Theatre Company who are producing it. Known for fearless and original choices in their artistic output, Soho Cinders is another first for the company.

Life isn’t going well for skint student Robbie. His mother has died, and his lap-dancing club owning step-sisters have upped the rent on his beloved late mum’s launderette where he works and threatened to turf him out, coupled with that he’s fallen in love with the bisexual, engaged to a woman, London mayoral candidate, James. Oh, and to complicate matters even further, he’s also involved in a rather unconventional financial arrangement with a ‘fairy godfather’ Lord Bellingham.

The path of true love never runs smooth and needless to say there’s many a twist and turn until our Robbie is reunited with his mobile phone (the contemporary version of a glass slipper) and boy gets boy in the end.

There’s potential for Stiles and Drew’s work to be a bit more biting and make a bigger statement, but it remains a lightweight piece of fluff. The characters have been created with broad brushstrokes and the simplistic storytelling undermines the more serious points the musical is trying to make.

It has the feel both in tone and musically of Legally Blonde and Mamma Mia. There are also musical snippets that are reminiscent of Jesus Christ Superstar of all things. That said, the entire score is varied in style and pleasant on the ear. There are some knock-out tunes too – in particular, They Don’t Make Glass Slippers, sung by Mad Props stalwart Dominic Spencer (Soho Cinders marks his welcome return to the stage) they need him to elevate this average musical to something special, and he does. His rendition of this haunting ballad will leave you with goose-bumps. Marie-Anne McGrattan and Louise Daly-Creechan as Robbie’s grotesque step-sisters generate the lion’s share of the laughs, they look as if they’re having a ball and their energy transmits to the auditorium.

The supporting cast are universally solid and Jon Cuthbertson delivers a particularly repulsive turn as political aide William (his storyline uneasily resonant in light of the current sexual harassment scandals). Less successful is Stuart Taylor as Robbie’s love James. His voice doesn’t sound fully warmed up and it is often inaudible. On a side note, and a great coup for the company, the voice of Big Brother, Marcus Bentley provides the dead-pan narration.

Well worth watching for musical theatre aficionados who relish the chance to see less frequently staged works, and worth it alone to hear Dominic Spencer back in his finest form.

Runs until Saturday 4 November 2017 at Websters Theatre Glasgow.

Ticket details here


Strathclyde Theatre Group invite you for a night of murder at Webster’s Theatre in Glasgow this November with Patrick Hamilton’s classic thriller, Rope.

Directed by Gary Hurr and produced by the same team behind last year’s Glengarry Glen Ross and Reasons to be Pretty, Rope centres around the true story (the infamous case of Leopold and Loeb) of two students who murdered their friend for thrills and to display their intellectual superiority, hid his body in their apartment and then invited guests around for a party, unbeknownst to the crime that preceded them.

The play delves in to the macabre world of murder while having fun at your guest’s expense, debating the issues of what we hold dear to most while having a gin and the consequence of our actions while trying to get away it.

Originally set in the 1920’s the play has been moved to the 1960’s taking inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie adaption of the same name and HBO’s Mad Men television series. Originally a large male cast with two supporting female roles the production has taken the opportunity to re-cast certain roles with women offering a new dynamic on a classic tale.

Tickets are on sale at the Webster’s box office and online at www.webstersglasgow.com.

Doors open at 7pm with a show start time of 7:30pm.

Tickets are £10/£12

NEXT WEEK: On Any Given Night – a play tackling the stigma of homelessness

On Any Given Night focuses on one of the most vulnerable groups of people in today’s society, The Homeless, and tackles the stigma attached to that title.

Set over the course of another busy Saturday night in Glasgow city centre – A group of four very different people gather together to help each other survive another gruelling night on the streets of the city armed with only their banter, wit and hope.

It’s playing in East Kilbride at the Arts Centre, Rutherglen at the Town Hall and at Websters Theatre in Glasgow.

SEAT REVIEWS: Websters Theatre, Glasgow


Websters Theatre is a 184 seat tiered auditorium.

The theatre is located in a former church.

There have been issues with the fabric of the building.

The sight lines from most seats is excellent due to the rake of the tiers and the small size of the auditorium.

The previous seats were notoriously uncomfortable and in bad repair. The seating has been recently replaced with old cinema seats. There appear to be at least two different kinds. The auditorium has now got comfortable seats, but in replacing small flip seats with huge cinema seats there is absolutely no legroom. If you are over 5ft 2 then your knees will be jammed around ear level or skinned from forcing your legs to the floor. In my humble opinion this is the most uncomfortable theatre space in Glasgow.


L 7-8 These seats are in the back row and allow you to stretch your legs into the aisle.

This row has the most padded of the various types of cinema seat and is very comfortable. It also has a cup holder.


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BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MAD PROPS: Soho Cinders cast spotlight interviews – Millie Tigwell playing Velcro

Tell us about your role.

I have the pleasure of playing the role of Velcro – typically the Buttons character in the pantomime version of Cinderella. Velcro is a single mum and best friend to Robbie, the lead character. Velcro works in the laundrette, dreaming of settling down with someone special and maybe even owning a goldfish.

How are rehearsals going?

Rehearsals have been so much fun and very productive. This is all thanks to our amazing production team and fabulous cast. Everyone involved is lovely and a joy to work with! This is not something you always find with large theatre companies. Due to the small size of Mad Props Theatre and the many social activities they provide, everyone is included and you get to know and spend time with everyone involved.

Do you have a background in performance?

Yes, I’ve been on the stage since the age of 4. I started with my local theatre company, performing in numerous pantomimes and short plays. It wasn’t until my last couple of years of high school that I discovered my love for musical theatre and performed in my first musical – Guys and Dolls. Since then I studied at Glasgow University and performed in many shows with the Cecilian society before joining Mad Props Theatre.

How did you get involved with Mad Props?

In 2016, I joined Mad Props Theatre for their annual Big Fat Musical Quiz and Concert of the Year. It was so much fun and a unique way of performing, I was keen to do more productions with Mad Props. This brought me to audition for their Scottish premier of Carrie the musical and this year become a member of their board. Also, Mad Props Theatre support and donate to Bloodwise – a charity dedicated to leukaemia and lymphoma research, alongside the many events they put on. This was an additional factor that drew me to this amazing company.

Why should people come along to see the show?

This show is nothing like you’ve seen before! The playful twist on your classic Cinderella story is refreshing and modern. It’ll be an extremely fun theatre experience for all, and the catchy numbers will be stuck in your head for days!


BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MAD PROPS: Soho Cinders cast spotlight interviews: Stuart Taylor playing James Prince

Firstly, tell us about Soho Cinders and what people can expect.

All the bustle of the capital explodes through hugely energetic songs; hearts melt and ache at the most exclusive party in town – luckily we can get you on the guest list.

Tell us about your role.

James Prince is running for mayor on a campaign of honesty, but this Charming politician has a secret that begins to spin out of control.

How are rehearsals going?

Really well! A phenomenal cast and crew makes the hard work a lot of fun.

Do you have a background in performance?

My background is mainly choral – from classical opera in the national youth choir to contemporary pop in Glasgow’s Connect Choir.

How did you get involved with Mad Props?

I came to their Scottish Premiere production of Carrie and was blown away by the performance: especially of Sissy Spacek (aka Louise Creechan) who persauded me to audition.

Why should people come along to see the show?

One word: speedos…

REVIEW: Weegie Hink Ae That present Where Ye Fae? – Websters Theatre, Glasgow

New Scottish sketch group, Weegie Hink Ae That, take the most familiar (and embarrassing) Glasgow stereotypes, and oh so cleverly put a new spin on them to create an original, and frequently hysterically funny evening of comedy.

There’s no doubt, from the performers to the material they deliver, where they’re from. This is Glaswegian to its very core. From a musical eulogy to the Greggs Pie, through Saturday night with the girls at the dancing, a parody of some familiar playground taunts, to some new and unusual ways to utilise the tattie scone – it’s clear there’s huge potential here.

The transitions are slick, each of the performers (Gregor Mackay, Conor Hardie, Jack Jarvis Gouther and Elliot Hannigan) pulls their weight, and to their credit, has their own identity (which is quickly established by the clever writing) within the group.

Don’t be fooled by the tracksuit/trainer-clad lads you see in front of you. These are highly intelligent writers and performers. It takes a great deal of talent to pull this material off with such aplomb, and it’s easy to see this getting picked up for TV. It would make a youthful counterpoint to the geriatric Glaswegian pals in BBC TV hit Still Game.

Not all the material hits its mark, and for broader appeal they could extend their frame of reference a few decades beyond their own youthful demographic to ensure Scotland-wide comedy domination, but these young men are going far – keep your eyes peeled, this won’t be the last you’ll hear of them.

WHAT’S ON NOVEMBER: Mad Props are back with Soho Cinders

Mad Props Theatre, the group behind the hilarious 25th Annual Putnam and the Scottish Premiere of Carrie the Musical are back, but this time with the edgy, fun and brilliantly camp Soho Cinders.

Mad Props Theatre is celebrating it’s fifth year of bringing exciting shows to audiences in Glasgow, and have committed to raising £5,000 for Bloodwise Scotland by August 2018.

Join Mad Props Theatre and take a journey to the west end of London to Soho, where the edgy, fun and deliciously naughty, Soho Cinders celebrates the capital’s most colourful district.

When impoverished student Robbie becomes romantically involved with engaged London Mayoral candidate James Prince, his lap-dancing step-sisters become the least of his problems.

James and Robbie’s worlds collide forcing them to fight for their own fairy-tale ending in this hilarious, satirical twist on the classic Cinderella story.

The potent mix of politics, sex-scandals and true love come together in this contemporary musical with an infectious score that delivers a message of self-acceptance—and personal responsibility, rooted in musical comedy traditions.

The cast of Mad Props Theatre Soho Cinders includes Dominic Spencer, Millie Tigwell, Stuart Taylor, Katy Angus, Marie-Anne McGrattan, Louise Creechan, Jon Cuthbertson, Joe Smyth, Julie Martis, Gillian MacKissack, Hayley Louise Macfarlane, Elizabeth Caleb and Sam Pirie.

Production team: Sarah-Elizabeth Daly, Ross Angus and Amy Fieldhouse.

Soho Cinders will be performed at Websters Theatre from the 1 – 4 November 2017.

Tickets from £12 are available from www.webstersglasgow.com

WHAT’S ON OCTOBER: New play Booze at Webster’s Theatre

Our Time Theatre Group presents ‘Booze’, written & directed by Alan Brady.

Booze is the so often untold story of the physical and emotional damage caused by another’s addiction to alcohol.

Growing up with violence, dysfunction and unavailable parents leaves scars, and sometimes the people charged with looking after us, are the ones most in need of help.

Suitable for 14+

There will be one interval

TICKETS: http://www.webstersglasgow.com/events/booze-2017-10-27/

WHAT’S ON SEPTEMBER: TRAM Direct presents Follow Through by John Hughes at Webster’s

TRAM Direct present Follow Through by John Hughes at Webster’s Theatre on 30 September 2017.

It is ten years since the boys were together ‘touching cloth’ in the Glasgow Shipyards. Now John Paul George and Shug meet again for the funeral of a shipyard worker. For Jean, the Barmaid, this is her first encounter with the bampots as she calls them. Sausage rolls and booze are on order as part of the purvey. How have the lads progressed? Have their dreams and ambitions been realised? What hasn’t changed is their fast fire humour, comedy moments and great one liners. If you laughed at ‘Touching Cloth’ then this follow up will not disappoint.

Tickets £13.50 Adults/£11.50 Concessions (ticket price inc. ticket admin fee which will display at the checkout) (fee applicable to all tickets, including tickets bought on the day)

Recommended suitable for 16+ due to language and content

There will be one interval


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