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Today the Citizens Theatre announces its Autumn 2017 season including plays from different ages and countries focusing on the very personal consequences of absolute power, violence and revenge. The season of ancient and modern plays that respond directly and indirectly to the world today goes on sale Tuesday 16 May at 10am.

The Autumn 2017 season will include:

  • Oresteia: This Restless House at Citizens Theatre and Edinburgh International Festival, a thrilling story of murder and revenge focussing on three women who are forced to confront the consequences of their acts of violence, presented in association with National Theatre of Scotland;
  • Faithful Ruslan: The Story of a Guard Dog, an allegorical tale of the end of the Stalinist regime based on real-life events, a co-production with Belgrade Theatre Coventry;
  • The Macbeths, a radically cut adaptation of Shakespeare’s play in the Circle Studio exploring the corrosive effect of power, directed by Dominic Hill;
  • Rona Munro’s Bold Girls, an exhilarating and funny celebration of four Belfast women set in the 1990s, directed by Dominic Hill;
  • the return of 2016’s critically-acclaimed, sold-out production of Harry Gibson’s adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting at Citizens Theatre and King’s Theatre Edinburgh;
  • the acclaimed Actors Touring Company production Living with the Lights On, one man’s honest account of living with mental health difficulties;
  • Adam Barnard’s funny and heart-felt Buckets, presented by the Citizens Young Co.;
  • the Scottish premiere of Anders Lustgarten’s Lampedusa, the story behind the headlines of the ongoing refugee crisis on a small Italian island;
  • National Theatre of Scotland’s Adam and Eve, two new productions exploring two extraordinary lives in transition, created by a team of leading Scottish and UK theatre artists including Cora Bissett, Chris Goode and Jo Clifford;
  • and two new festive productions: Stuart Paterson’s Cinderella, directed by Dominic Hill and an original show for 3-6 year olds One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas, directed by Guy Hollands and presented by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Artistic Director, Dominic Hill introduces the new Autumn 2017 season: “At the Citizens, we believe that plays and stories originally created in the past have the power to shed light on our lives and society, and that great literature can speak to us over the centuries. In particular, the theatre has always been effective at dissecting the violent aftermath of tyranny and the abuse of power.

I’m delighted to be bringing back Zinnie Harris’ reworking of Aeschylus’ Oresteia, which will also be presented at the 2017 Edinburgh International Festival. Acclaimed at its premiere last year, this is an epic theatre event which takes its audience on a wild, disturbing but always gripping journey that ultimately leads to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Faithful Ruslan: The Story of a Guard Dog is an extraordinary satire on Stalinist Russia seen through the eyes of a guard dog.  An international creative team will work to deliver a unique, visceral and very funny show. It’s very much a modern ‘Animal Farm’ for the world of Trump, May and Putin.

Where Faithful Ruslan and Oresteia engage with the world today indirectly but forcefully, Anders Lustgarten’s 2015 Lampedusa will bring us right up to date. The play connects an Italian former fisherman who now collects the dead bodies of washed-up migrants to a Chinese-British student in Leeds who is forced to work for debt collectors. Lustgarten’s play, receiving its Scottish premiere at the Citizens, is deeply engaging and relevant, and is a moving celebration of humanity.

My first show in the Citizens’ Circle Studio, The Macbeths, adapted from Shakespeare’s play, will focus on the relationship of the killer couple and its disintegration following an act of murder which at first binds them together and then destroys them.

We’ll welcome two touring companies to the Citizens this season: our friends at National Theatre of Scotland with two new groundbreaking productions, Adam and Eve, both timely and theatrical explorations of the complexities and challenges facing trans people today and Actors Touring Company for the first time with their production Living with the Lights On.

And as Brexit and recent events once again bring back to mind past troubles in Northern Ireland, we thought it was a perfect time to revive Bold Girls. Originally written for 7:84 in the 1990s, it launched the career of leading Scottish playwright Rona Munro.”

Judith Kilvington, Executive Director added: “Oresteia: This Restless House perfectly encapsulates Dominic’s tenure so far as Artistic Director at the Citizens Theatre and it’s perfect that we’ll be taking the work to the Edinburgh International Festival as we mark his fifth year as artistic leader of the Citizens. I am delighted to see the return of Trainspotting, a show that appealed to people from all walks of life when we presented it last year, and I’m pleased that it will extend its reach to audiences in Edinburgh this year. The Citizens Theatre is committed to engaging with as inclusive a range of people as possible in the creative life of the theatre and breaking down barriers to engagement with the arts. I am personally very pleased to welcome back the National Theatre of Scotland with work by and for the trans community and Actors Touring Company for the first time with their production, Living with the Lights On, which speaks openly and honestly about living with mental health difficulties.”

The Citizens Theatre’s Autumn 2017 season is on sale now.

Tickets are available through and Box Office 0141 429 0022



15 – 17 AUG

31 AUG – 9 SEP

A Citizens Theatre production in association with National Theatre of Scotland

By Zinnie Harris

Directed by Dominic Hill

Zinnie Harris’ compelling, thrilling and blistering drama about three women who are forced to confront the consequences of their acts of violence returns in 2017 to the Citizens Theatre and Edinburgh International Festival.

A father’s horrifying sacrifice of his daughter sets in motion a cycle of bloody revenge. Murder and madness ensue, testing the loyalties of his remaining children and propelling them to the edge of reason. With a powerful cast performing live music on stage, Oresteia is an exhilarating and contemporary take on an ancient Greek drama that has survived two and a half thousand years.

Premiered at the Citizens Theatre in 2016 as a trilogy of plays, and now presented as one epic theatrical event, this trailblazing new work was nominated for Best New Play at the 2016 UK Theatre Awards, and was awarded Best New Play at the 2016 Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland.

Oresteia: This Restless House will also be staged at Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh International Festival from 22 – 27 August. For more information, visit

Recommended for 16+



13 – 16 SEP

A National Theatre of Scotland production

Two productions exploring two extraordinary lives in transition, created by a team of leading Scottish and UK theatre artists including Cora Bissett, Chris Goode and Jo Clifford.  A theatrical exploration of the complexities and challenges facing trans people, using an innovative intertwining of personal testimony, storytelling, composition and digital media.


13, 15 & 16 SEP

Written by Frances Poet

Conceived for the stage and directed by Cora Bissett

If you are born in a country where being yourself can get you killed, exile is your only choice.

Adam is the remarkable, true story of a young trans man having to make that choice and begin his journey. From Egypt to Scotland, it charts Adam’s fight across borders and genders to find a place to call home.

In a world first, Adam features a 120-strong, international world digital choir of trans individuals from across the globe which has been uniquely integrated into this remarkable multimedia production.

Adam has been conceived for the stage by Cora Bissett, who previously brought the real life story of the Glasgow Girls to the Citizens’ stage.

Recommended for 14+


14 – 16 SEP

Written by Jo Clifford and Chris Goode

Directed by Susan Worsfold

Eve tells the story of a child raised as a boy, when she knew all along that was wrong. That child grew up to be one of the 10 outstanding women in Scotland in 2017. What does that do to our understanding of what it is to be human in times of revolutionary change?

With trans rights again under threat, legendary playwright, performer, father and grandmother Jo Clifford tells a story both gentle and passionate, intimate and political, to remind us that the journey towards our real selves is one we all need to make, wherever it leads us.



20 SEP – 7 OCT

A Citizens Theatre, Belgrade Theatre Coventry and KP Productions Ltd. co-production

A play by Helena Kaut-Howson

Based on the novel by Georgi Vladimov, translated by Michael Glenny 

When Josef Stalin dies in 1953, the inhabitants of prison camps across Russia are liberated. Prisoners, guards and guard dogs are all free to go home. Loyal Ruslan follows the Master’s final order and abandons his post in search of a new leader.  An extraordinary satire on Stalinist Russia seen through the eyes of a guard dog, this is a modern ‘Animal Farm’ for the world of Trump, May and Putin.

Based on real life events, the novel by Georgi Vladimov and translated to English by Michael Glenny has been adapted for the stage by Polish director Helena Kaut-Howson, whose adventurous, passionate and imaginative productions have led to her being named one of the top directors in the UK. With movement by Marcello Magni, co-founder of theatre company Complicite.

THE MacbethS


27 Sep – 14 Oct

A Citizens Theatre production

Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare Directed by Dominic Hill

At the heart of Shakespeare’s darkest play is a disintegrating marriage. This new adaptation using a radically cut-down version of the text brings the focuses on the relationship between one of the most famous killers in literature and his ambitious wife.

Returning from battle, Macbeth hears a prophesy emboldening him to murder and betray. Compelled by his equally ruthless wife, Macbeth ignores his creeping sense of guilt and hopelessness and attempts to hasten the hand of fate, unwittingly ushering in the downfall of them both.

This production has been specially created to be performed in the intense and exposed atmosphere of our Circle Studio, directed by Dominic Hill.



18 OCT – 11 NOV A Citizens Theatre production

By Irvine Welsh Adapted by Harry Gibson Directed by Gareth Nicholls

It’s back! After a sell-out run in 2016, Trainspotting returns to the Citz this autumn by popular demand.

Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud seek life through the point of a needle in this coarse, intense and hilarious rollercoaster ride through the heroin-hinterlands of Thatcher-era Leith based on Irvine Welsh’s cult novel. Gareth Nicholls’ production honours both the iconic novel and Danny Boyle’s famous film adaptation, while creating a new piece of theatre about urban alienation and young lives under pressure.



20 & 21 OCT

An Actors Touring Company production

By Mark Lockyer

Hilarious, touching and utterly bonkers. Actor Mark Lockyer shares his gripping true story of an actor living life on the edge, from his on-stage meltdown as Mercutio at the Royal Shakespeare Company to his fiery relationships and ultimate recovery.

Mark Lockyer trained at RADA. For the last 30 years he’s been at the National Theatre, RSC, Old Vic, Young Vic and the Royal Court working with Ken Campbell, Mark Rylance and Sam Mendes.



1 – 4 NOV

A Citizens Young Co. production

Directed by Neil Packham

The Citizens Young Co. present a bucket full of wry, emotive, funny and heart-felt stories spanning sickness and health, sadness and happiness and pose the universal question: how do we deal with the fact that time always runs out?

The Citizens Young Co. provides opportunities in acting, writing and devising for young people aged 18 – 22.



8 – 18 NOV

A Citizens Theatre production

By Anders Lustgarten

The Italian island of Lampedusa lies in the Mediterranean between Sicily, Tunisa and Libya. Once, fisherman Stefano made a living here. Now, he uses his fishing boat to collect the bodies of drowned migrants from the sea. In the UK, Chinese-British student Denise is forced to go door to door for a payday loan company to finance her degree, meeting grinding poverty and racist prejudices as well as small acts of charity.

Telling the stories of human kindness behind the headlines, Lampedusa was a sell-out during its premiere run at Soho Theatre in London in 2015, and receives its Scottish premiere at Citizens Theatre this autumn.



28 NOV – 31 DEC A Citizens Theatre production

By Stuart Paterson

Directed by Dominic Hill

It’s nearly time for the ball, and Cinderella is working her fingers to the bone in the cold and dark kitchens thanks to her cruel and greedy step-sisters’ nasty tricks. Luckily, Cinderella has the help of some new friends, and a little magic, to help her get to the ball and win the heart of the Prince. But will she realise her heart’s true desire lies closer to home?

Dominic Hill brings his trademark theatrical style to this twist on a classic fairytale. Full of silliness, slapstick, live music and fun, this is the perfect choice for families looking for alternative festive entertainment this Christmas.



7 – 31 DEC A Royal Conservatoire of Scotland production

Created by Guy Hollands and devised by the company

It’s the night before Christmas, and seven excited siblings are tucked up together cosy in bed. But who can sleep when Santa’s on his way? Maybe singing some festive carols will help – but only if they don’t wake Mum and Dad!

Citizens Associate Director Guy Hollands creates a new fun-filled festive show for 3 – 6 year olds in the intimate setting of our Circle Studio



24 JAN – 10 FEB

A Citizens Theatre production

By Rona Munro Directed by Dominic Hill

Belfast in the early 1990s. Against a backdrop of gunfire and police raids, four women whose lives have been turned upside down by the Troubles, carry on with everyday life. But what starts out as a riotous night out, leads to the spilling of some very sobering truths in the early hours.

Packed with abrasive humour, Bold Girls is a story of love, friendship and betrayal.

Rona Munro, whose trilogy The James Plays – written for the National Theatre of Scotland – was a recent international hit, burst onto the scene in 1991 with this celebration of women’s lives in West Belfast.

Tickets for all the above shows are available now through and Box Office 0141 429 0022

NEWS: Trainspotting back and tickets on sale tomorrow

orange lettering it's back for trainspotting at citizens theatre glasgow

Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting began its life as a piece of drama at the Citizens Theatre over 20 years ago and returned in 2016 with a critically-acclaimed sold-out run. Hot on the heels of Trainspotting 2, Danny Boyle’s sequel to his phenomenally successful film version, and by popular public demand, the Citizens Theatre is bringing its production of the notorious story back to the stage from 18 October to 11 November 2017.  The production will also tour to the King’s Theatre Edinburgh, presented by Selladoor Scotland.

Trainspotting was first presented in a stage adaptation by Harry Gibson in the theatre’s Stalls Studio in 1994, just a year after the book’s publication. The shocking and explicit production was hugely successful and was quickly remounted in the theatre’s larger Circle Studio. The adaptation has since been staged across the globe.

Trainspotting is set in Thatcher-era Leith, in a world where work and opportunities are scarce. The trappings of a successful lifestyle are held out of reach of Renton, Begbie, Sickboy and Spud, who instead look for fulfilment through the point of a needle.

Gareth Nicholls returns to the Citizens Theatre to direct.  Nicholls’ recent credits include God of Carnage (Tron Theatre) and The Burial at Thebes, Coriolanus and ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland). His production of Gary McNair’s A Gambler’s Guide to Dying won a Scotsman Fringe First Award, and has toured the UK and Adelaide Festival, and has just completed an Off-Broadway run. Nicholls held the post of Citizens Theatre Main Stage Director in Residence (2014-16), directing Into That Darkness, Vanya and Blackbird all of which received 4- and 5-star reviews.

Of his return to the Citizens Theatre, Gareth commented, “Irvine Welsh’s urgent and uncompromising story clearly still packs a punch – we saw audiences from all backgrounds connecting strongly to its heady mix of humour, heartache and heroin. Its unflinching look at Scottish identity, masculinity and choice seems to be as pertinent now as it was 24 years ago and I’m thrilled to be once more bringing this raw, energetic and iconic modern classic back to the stage.

Tickets for Trainspotting at the Citizens Theatre are available from Tuesday 16 May from the Citizens Theatre’s website or by calling the Box Office on 0141 429 0022.

Tickets for the King’s Theatre Edinburgh will go on general sale on Tuesday 2 May with Friends Tickets available from Monday 24 April. Tickets available from or 0131 529 6000.

NEWS: Harlequin Eastwood Theatre for Youth present All Shook Up

all shook up love me tender logo

Harlequin Eastwood Theatre for Youth present All Shook Up.

Inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley with a book by Joe Dipietro, best known for the Tony Award-winning musical Memphis, as well as for writing the book and lyrics for the long-running off-Broadway show (and much-loved Fringe favourite) I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

This musical comedy is based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and takes us into the American mid-west in 1955. It tells the story of Natalie, who dreams of “hitting the road” and Chad, a rock ‘n’ roll loving biker, who stops at the town’s garage to have his bike repaired. Natalie, the mechanic, immediately falls for him.

Chad, a charismatic rebel, rebuffs her advances, but Natalie has other ideas, and disguises herself as a man, seeking to become Chad’s sidekick.

The show follows all the “will they won’t they” drama, set to a fabulous score full of wonderful Elvis songs. There are of course a few hilarious hiccups and surprises along the way, building to a fantastic finale.

*All Shook Up has recently been professionally presented and toured the UK as Love Me Tender.

Wednesday 24-Saturday 27 May 2017

7.30pm each evening  and Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm

Tickets £12-£14 tickets also available from 07593 093028 or email or theatre Box Office 0141 577 4956


hye youn lee luis gomes la boheme scene

Renowned director/designer team Renaud Doucet and André Barbe return to Scottish Opera in May with a new production of Giacomo Puccini’s ravishing classic, La bohème.

Set in the flea markets of Paris, the production is inspired by the Jazz Age of Josephine Baker, and is full of  Renaud Doucet and André Barbe’s trademark colour, character and style. It opens in Glasgow before touring to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Inverness.

cast scottish opera la boheme

The cast in rehearsals for La bohème | Image: Sally Jubb

Scottish Opera Music Director, Stuart Stratford, conducts Hye–Youn Lee as the fated Mimi, and Luis Gomes, winner of 2015’s Grand Prize at Verbier Festival Academy, as Rodolfo. Joining them are David Stout as Marcello, Jeanine De Bique as Musetta, Božidar Smiljanić as Schaunard, Damien Pass as Colline and Jonathan Best as Alcindoro/Benoît.

Hye-Youn Lee (Mimi) and Luis Gomes (Rodolfo) in rehearsals for La bohème. Scottish Opera 2017. Credit Sally Jubb

Hye-Youn Lee (Mimi) and Luis Gomes (Rodolfo) in rehearsals for La bohème | Image: Sally Jubb

Director Renaud Doucet and designer André Barbe said: ‘The story of La bohème is one we can all relate to. It seemed important to us to explore the theme of illness since, as a society, we are all under the weather at the moment and in need of healing. The flea market setting represents a little bit of what we are up against today – we seem to live life too fast and, through antiques, people get a sense of going back to a less hectic time. This opera is not about nostalgia ­­­­­­– La bohème is not a museum piece – the story is timeless.’

Alex Reedijk, Scottish Opera’s General Director added: ‘La bohème is always an audience favourite, with beautiful music and heart-wrenching tragedy. Renaud and André create engaging, colourful and gorgeous productions that bring the emotions of the characters to the fore. I love their setting of the production in 1920’s Paris and all the images that conjures up – it’s romantic, yet also illuminates the contrast between the wealthy and the aspirations of those still trapped in post World War One poverty, and that gives a particular truthfulness to their vision.’

Audiences have the chance to attend La bohème Unwrapped, free one-hour tasters delving further in to the show and how it was created, as well as Pre-show Talks. Those who are visually impaired can enjoy the full opera experience at audio-described performances, which have live commentary that describes the action on stage without compromising the music.

Scottish Opera is also staging two dementia friendly performances of La bohème: one at Theatre Royal Glasgow on 13 May, and one in collaboration with Festival Theatre Edinburgh on 3 June. These specially abridged performances have a running time of one hour 45 minutes including an interval, and are carefully designed to make the theatrical experience more accessible to people living with dementia.

La bohème is supported by The Scottish Opera Syndicate and Scottish Opera’s ‘Play a Supporting Role’ appeal.

Cast List 

Mimi                                                    Hye-Youn Lee & Nadine Livingston (16 May, 8, 13 June)

Rodolfo                                             Luis Gomes & Christopher Turner (16 May, 8, 13 June)  

Marcello                                               David Stout

Musetta                                             Jeanine De Bique

Schaunard                                         Božidar Smiljanić

Colline                                               Damien Pass

Alcindoro/Benoît                                  Jonathan Best


Creative Team

Conductor                                         Stuart Stratford & Derek Clark (25, 27 May)  

Director                                               Renaud Doucet

Designer                                             André Barbe  

Lighting                                               Guy Simard                                                   

Performance Diary

Theatre Royal Glasgow, 282 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 3QA

Tue 9 May, 7.15pm

Fri 12 May, 7.15pm

Sat 13 May, 3pm (Dementia Friendly performance)

Sun 14 May, 4pm

Tue 16 May, 7.15pm

Thu 18 Mat, 7.15pm

Sat 20 May, 7.15pm

Free events

La bohème, Unwrapped

Thu 11 May, 6pm

La bohème, Pre-show Talk

Sat 20 Mar, 6pm

La bohème, Touch Tour

Sun 14 May, 2.45pm

La bohème, Audio-described performance

Sun 14 May, 4pm

La bohème, Children’s Unwrapped

Fri 12 May, 1pm

His Majesty’s Theatre, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen AB25 1GL

Thu 25 May, 7.15pm

Sat 27 May, 7.15pm

Free events

La bohème, Unwrapped

Fri 26 May, 6pm

La bohème, Pre-show Talk

Sat 27 May, 6pm

La bohème, Touch Tour

Sat 27 May, 6pm

La bohème, Audio-described performance

Sat 27 May, 7.15pm

La bohème, Children’s Unwrapped

Fri 26 May, 1pm

Festival Theatre, 13–29 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9FT

Wed 31 May, 7.15pm

Sat 3 Jun, 3pm (Dementia Friendly performance)

Sun 4 Jun, 4pm

Tue 6 Jun, 7.15pm

Thu 8 Jun, 7.15pm

Sat 10 Jun, 7.15pm

Free events

La bohème, Unwrapped

Thu 1 Jun, 6pm

La bohème, Pre-show Talk

Sat 10 Jun, 6pm

La bohème, Touch Tour

Sat 10 Jun, 6pm

La bohème, Audio-described performance

Sun 10 Jun, 7.15pm

La bohème, Children’s Unwrapped

Thu 1 Jun, 1pm

Eden Court, Bishops Road, Inverness IV3 5SA

Tue 13 Jun, 7.15pm

Thu 15 Jun, 7.15pm

Sat 17 Jun, 7.15pm

Free events

La bohème, Unwrapped

Wed 14 Jun, 6pm

La bohème, Pre-show Talk

Sat 17 Jun, 6pm

La bohème, Touch Tour

Sat 17 Jun, 6pm

La bohème, Audio-described performance

Sat 17 Jun, 7.15pm

La bohème, Children’s Unwrapped

Wed 14 Jun, 1pm

You can follow Scottish Opera on Twitter and Instagram @ScottishOpera


orchestra scottish opera sunday series

 The last performance in this Season’s The Sunday Series: Opera in Concert – Puccini’s Le Villi – takes place on May 21 at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

Le Villi is based on the same legend as the ballet Giselle and was written in 1883. The opera-ballet was Puccini’s first stage work, and this performance at Theatre Royal Glasgow marks its Scottish premiere.

Scottish Opera’s Music Director, Stuart Stratford, conducts soloists Karen Slack as Anna, Stephen Gadd as Guglielmo and Peter Auty as Roberto. The latter two singers were both last seen at October’s Sunday Series performance of L’amico Fritz, and they are joined by a chorus and The Orchestra of Scottish Opera.

This concert also includes Preludio Sinfonico, Crisantemi and Capriccio Sinfonico. It is performed during the run of the Company’s staged production of Puccini’s classic La bohème, also conducted by Stuart Stratford, which has performances in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Inverness.

Stuart Stratford said: ‘We are delighted to conclude this year’s The Sunday Series: Opera in Concert with Puccini’s first stage work which offers a wonderful contrast to La bohème. It is a great opportunity to hear Puccini’s seldom-performed first opera and to experience, in the first half of the concert, three of his exquisite early orchestral pieces.’

You can follow Scottish Opera on Twitter and Instagram @ScottishOpera

Cast and Creative Team

Conductor                 Stuart Stratford

Guglielmo                  Stephen Gadd

Anna                           Karen Slack

Roberto                      Peter Auty 

Performance Diary for The Sunday Series: Opera in Concert

Puccini’s Le Villi

21 May 2017, 3pm

NEWS: Scottish Ballet perform at the Royal Opera House for the first time

Scottish Ballet will perform at the Royal Opera House for the first time ever, as part of Kenneth MacMillan – a National Celebration in October 2017.

Scottish choreographer Kenneth Macmillan’s work continues to have a profound influence on dance around the world. In honour of his legacy and impact on the art-form, Scottish Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Northern Ballet will perform on the Royal Opera House stage alongside the Royal Ballet for the first time in a shared programme of Kenneth MacMillan: a National Celebration.

Scottish Ballet will perform The Fairy’s Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée) by Kenneth Macmillan at the Royal Opera House on 18 and 19 October. Scottish Ballet soloists will also perform in Elite Syncopations with dancers from all four ballet companies.

Kenneth MacMillan: a National Celebration also includes a series of talks and Insights celebrating the breadth and depth of his creative genius. 

Kenneth MacMillan: a National Celebration

Wednesday 18 October – Friday 27 October 2017

Royal Opera House

Celebrating the legacy of Kenneth MacMillan on the 25th anniversary of his death, Kenneth MacMillan: A National Celebration brings the UK’s leading ballet companies together for the first time. Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Northern Ballet and Scottish Ballet showcase MacMillan’s work through three Triple Bills of one-act ballets, including a joint performance of Elite Syncopations by all four companies.


Find out more at



An Edinburgh non-profit arts festival is setting its sights on raising £20,000 to help restore the old Leith Theatre into a fully functioning arts and music venue for the city. 

Hidden Door’s Kickstarter campaign had an initial target of £10,000, representing the bare minimum needed to ensure the theatre is ready to open the doors for its first audience in nearly 3 decades. After an overwhelming response from supporters keen to see the venue resurrected, Hidden Door have increased the target to enable the festival to show the theatre off in the style it truly deserves.

Hidden Door is a volunteer-run, non-profit arts organisation specialising in transforming forgotten and abandoned spaces. Past festivals have taken place in the empty arches on Market Street and a secret courtyard tucked away behind Kings Stables Road. It aims to demonstrate how empty urban spaces can be transformed while also providing a platform to support the local arts community.

The old Leith theatre, which first opened in 1932 and played host to the likes of AC/DC, Kraftwerk and the Edinburgh International Festival in its heyday, has stood empty and derelict since 1988.

The crowd-funding campaign has been launched in the run-up to Hidden Door’s annual 10-day multi-arts festival, which this year will be staged at the Leith Theatre to provide the initial spark to regenerate the derelict venue. The campaign is contributing to the work of the Leith Theatre Trust, the organisation that is facilitating the refurbishment and reopening of the theatre.

The Kickstarter campaign offers supporters various levels of pledges, ranging from £5 to £300 or more. In return for pledges, there are numerous rewards such as a personalised plaque on a chair in the theatre for the Festival; tickets to the festival; tours of the theatre and Festival; limited edition artworks and the opportunity to become a Friend or Patron of Hidden Door.

David Martin, Creative Director of Hidden Door, said: “By launching this crowd-funding campaign, we want to help bring the grand old Leith Theatre back to life and transform it into the incredible venue it should be for the community in Leith and Edinburgh.  

“Leith Theatre has a glorious past and by contributing to the crowd-funding campaign people can help build a new future for this spectacular theatre.”

Director Danny Boyle, who has signed up as an ambassador of Leith Theatre said, “Leith has been an important place in my career as a film maker. The main theatre hasn’t been in use through the years I have known the area but the reminiscences and the affection which clearly exist for it give it a magic which I hope will generate the support the Trust needs to get it back on its feet. Leith needs a space to be sociable and creative and to gather the community. Please lend a hand and give your support to this effort and vision to bring the theatre back to life.”

Jack Hunter, Chair of Leith Theatre Trust said, “This is a terrific opportunity for those who enjoy Hidden Door Festival and are interested in Leith Theatre’s restoration to support both organisations in creating a wonderful space for the Festival in May and a continuing improvement in the building.”

To contribute to Hidden Door’s crowdfunding campaign to bring Leith Theatre back to life, visit

Hidden Door Festival 2017 runs from 26 May-4th June at The Old Leith Theatre – visit


Thousands of primary school pupils across Scotland will rehearse and perform an opera based on Robert Burns’ iconic poem Tam o’ Shanter.

Scottish Opera’s annual Primary Schools Tour continues this month with The Tale o’ Tam o’ Shanter, a show created to re-introduce young people to the works of the celebrated Scottish poet. Written especially for children in primaries 5, 6 and 7, the fast-paced adventure features original lyrics by Ross Stenhouse and music by Karen MacIver, who also wrote the music for Scottish Opera’s popular family show, The Little White Town of Never Weary (2016), and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (2016), a specially composed piece for Scottish Opera’s youth company, Connect.

Schools are provided with high quality teaching resources, including a teachers’ support pack, to help introduce the songs from The Tale o’ Tam o’ Shanter to pupils in advance. A team of Scottish Opera performers and arts education specialists then spend a day rehearsing and preparing the pupils for a choreographed, fully-costumed performance of The Tale o’ Tam o’ Shanter for family and friends.

The show follows a farmer named Tam o’ Shanter as he makes his way home from Market Day with his faithful horse Meg. As the night grows darker, the rain falls and the wind shrieks through the branches of the trees, he finds himself outside the church where he discovers a coven of witches dancing. Fascinated, Tam stops to watch, but suddenly one of them spots him, and he and Meg must run for their lives.

Scottish Opera’s Director of Outreach and Education, Jane Davidson said: “Our children’s operas make learning both enjoyable and challenging, giving pupils the opportunity to participate in a high-quality, day-long music theatre workshop that ends with a performance for parents and guests. Originally commissioned in 2002, this vibrant interpretation of Burns’ iconic poem enables a new generation to explore the culture, identity and language that remain key to the enduring appeal of Scotland’s most famous poet.”

You can follow Scottish Opera on Twitter and Instagram @ScottishOpera

Primary Schools Tour Team

Alan McKenzie

Greig Baxter / Ryan Ferrie

Lucy Hutchison / Lee Reynolds

Jamie Macdonald / Neil Fenwick

Advance vocal workshop        Roger Glass

Music                                       Karen MacIver

Lyrics                                       Ross Stenhouse
Illustrations                              Iain Piercy 

Animation                                Nick Roy
Teaching resources                Julie Brown


Summer Performance Diary


Mon 17 Apr      Balmullo Primary School                                                                   Fife                             

Tue 18 Apr      Kettle Primary School                                                                         Fife                             

Wed 19 Apr     Trinity Primary School                                                                        Edinburgh                   

Thu 20 Apr      Baljaffray Primary School                                                                   East Dunbartonshire

Fri 21 Apr        Dollar Academy                                                                                  Clacks                        

Mon 24 Apr      West Linton Primary School                                                              Scottish Borders

Tue 25 Apr      Morebattle and Yetholm Primary Schools at Morebattle                     Scottish Borders        

Wed 26 Apr     Prestonfield Primary School                                                              Edinburgh                   

Thu 27 Apr      Holy Family Primary School                                                               East Dunbartonshire  

Fri 28 Apr        Goldenhill Primary School                                                                  West Dunbartonshire

Tue 2 May       Kintore Primary School                                                                       Aberdeenshire

Wed 3 May      Aberlour Primary School                                                                    Moray 

Thu 4 May       Mosstodloch Primary School                                                              Moray 

Fri 5 May         Lochardil Primary School                                                                    Highland         

Mon 8 May       Letham Primary School                                                                      Perthshire      

Tue 9 May       Robert Douglas Memorial School                                                        Perthshire                  

Wed 10 May    Dunbarney Primary School                                                                 Perthshire

Thu 11 May     Tulloch Primary School                                                                        Perthshire      

Fri 12 May       North Muirton Primary School                                                              Perthshire                 

Mon 15 May     Beaconhurst School                                                                            Stirling

Tue 16 May     Kincaidston & Grammer (Ayr Town Hall)                                             South Ayrshire           

Wed 17 May    Tarbolton & Forehill (Ayr Town Hall)                                                     South Ayrshire           

Thu 18 May     Doonfoot & Gardenrose (Ayr Town Hall)                                              South Ayrshire           

Fri 19 May       Annbank, Coylton & Holmston (Ayr Town Hall)                                    South Ayrshire           

Mon 22 May     Hillside Primary School                                                                       Dundee                      

Tue 23 May     Forthill Primary School                                                                         Dundee                      

Wed 24 May    Andover Primary School                                                                      Angus 

Thu 25 May     Hayshead Primary School                                                                   Angus 

Fri 26 May       Underbank Primary School`                                                                South Lanarkshire      

Tue 30 May     Bun Sgoil Taobh Pairce                                                                       Edinburgh                   

Wed 31 May    Wallacestone Primary School                                                            Falkirk                         

Thu 1 Jun        West Coats Primary School                                                               Glasgow         

Fri 2 Jun          Lairdsland Primary School                                                                  East Dunbartonshire

Mon 5 Jun        Sandwick (Cunningsburgh and Dunrossness)                                  Shetland         

Tue 6 Jun        Sound Primary School                                                                         Shetland         

Wed 7 Jun       Mid Yell (Baltasound, Fetlar, Cullivoe, Burravoe, Ollaberry, Urafirth)   Shetland         

Thu 8 Jun        Aith (Whiteness, Happyhansel, Sandness, Nesting, Lunnasting)       Shetland             

Fri 9 Jun          Bells Brae                                                                                             Shetland

Mon 12 Jun      Mosshead Primary School                                                                  Glasgow                     

Tue 13 Jun      Shawlands Primary School                                                                  Glasgow

Wed 14 Jun     Sciennes Primary School                                                                    Edinburgh       

Thu 15 Jun      St Mary’s Primary School                                                                     Edinburgh                     

Mon 19 Jun      Dalbeattie Primary School                                                                    Dumfries & Galloway

Tue 20 Jun      St Ninian’s & St Andrews at St Ninian’s                                                Dumfries & Galloway 

Wed 21 Jun     Laurieknowe Primary School                                                               Dumfries & Galloway

Thu 22 Jun      St Andrew’s & St Ninian’s at St Andrew’s                                             Dumfries & Galloway

Fri 23 Jun        Lockerbie & Eaglesfield at Lockerbie                                                    Dumfries & Galloway


NEWS: Open auditions for Cilla The Musical

The producers of Cilla – The Musical have confirmed the dates and locations for their search for Cilla, with open auditions taking place around the country.

 The search is on for a charismatic and talented actress with a great voice to portray the title role, starting in Cilla’s hometown of Liverpool.

The dates and locations for the auditions are as below:

Tuesday 2 May                               Liverpool Empire

Monday 8 May                               Edinburgh Playhouse

Tuesday 9 May                               Birmingham New Alexandra Theatre

Friday 12 May                                 London Dominion Theatre

Robert Willis (Executive Producer and Cilla’s son), said:

“My Mum Ioved singing and performing ever since she was a young girl and she was determined to do what she loved. Having performed at the clubs around Liverpool, including the famous Cavern Club, she got her big break when Brian Epstein spotted her and signed her. It was the start of everything that was to follow. She was a natural born performer who lived to entertain her audience. We are hoping to find that person who also dreams big and has the talent to match but just needs the chance to show it. We can’t wait to meet you!”

Full information about the auditions and to register please go to:

NEWS: Cast change for The Wedding Singer

Scottish actress Barbara Rafferty has unfortunately had to withdraw from the role of Grandma Rosie in the musical The Wedding Singer due to personal circumstances. She was set to join the Company in Glasgow on 18 April for the Scottish dates of The Wedding Singer UK tour. The role of Grandma Rosie will now be performed by Ruth Madoc in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Casting for Aberdeen and Inverness to be announced. No stranger to stage and screen, comedy veteran Ruth became a household name in the Eighties when she played Gladys Pugh in BBC comedy series Hi-De-Hi! More recently she’s been on screen in ITV’s Benidorm, Mount Pleasant (Sky) and Stella (Sky). Ruth has been performing the role of Grandma Rosie to great acclaim during the tour which opened at the Leicester Curve Theatre in February 2017.

The Wedding Singer

King’s Theatre

Tues 18-Sat 22 April 2017

Tues & Thurs, 7.30pm

Wed, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Fri, 5pm & 8.30pm

Sat, 2.30pm & 7.30pm


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