REVIEW: Oran Mor Summer Panto Alice in Poundland


Another trip to Oran Mor and this time it’s the summer pantomime Alice in Poundland.

Alice’s mum is boracic, and she is wandering the aisles of Poundland looking for summer treats. Alice reaches out to grasp a white rabbit keyring and before she knows it she is on the golden escalator to Plunderland – A parallel universe where no one pays 50 pence in the pound tax, and where everything costs the same – a million – but you don’t have to pay for it if you are rich. Travel with Alice and meet Milliedum, Milliedee, The King of Clubs, The Queen of Diamonds, The Fat Cat, The Mad Banker and all your other favourite characters you love to hate.

Featuring Dave Anderson, Juliet Cadzow, George Drennan and Catriona Grozier.

There isn’t a lot to say about this except that it is absolutely, hysterically, mascara running down your face funny and the humour so specific to this Glasgow audience that it didn’t fail to hit the target. Run as fast as you can to get a ticket before it ends on Saturday.


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