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Following a national tour of Australia, British comedy sensation Myra DuBois will be bringing her new show ‘Be Well’ to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe before embarking on a UK tour for 2023. Tickets are on sale now and available from www.myradubois.co.uk

Myra DuBois calls out to you, the disadvantaged, downtrodden and tyrannised of the world, with her manifesto for mental health: AdMyrism! But are you ready to receive the call? Myra will head to Edinburgh Fringe to perform in Pleasance KingDome at 8pm throughout the month of August.

Audiences will be delighted to know that she will then kick off her nationwide live tour in Salford on 29th September before heading to Ilkley, Leamington Spa, Southend, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Carlisle, Cambridge, Cardiff, Oxford, Nottingham, Swindon, Birmingham, Newbury, Liverpool, London before closing the tour in Brighton on 16th November.

“Be Well” is a sardonic side-eye at the Wellness Industrial Complex as Myra continues of the tradition of the likes Shirley McClean and Gwyneth Paltrow, a celebrity that knows best.

Having left audiences across the globe in physical pain from laughter with her take-no-prisoners brand of rapid-fire comedy; Myra DuBois lays her healing hands on the masses in this; her wellness sermon.

Unpredictable, intelligent character comedy, the self-declared siren of South Yorkshire works the room, sparing no-one her sharp tongue, and yet somehow keeping everybody affectionately on-side.

Myra DuBois will be supported on her UK tour by comedian Frank Lavender, who will performing highlights from his own Edinburgh Fringe Show “Be Funny” which is at Just the Tonic’s La Belle Angele at 17:00, 3rd – 27th August (not 14th).

Both Myra DuBois and Frank Lavender are comic creations of character comedian Gareth Joyner.


12/10/2023                                             EDINBURGH, The Stand

14/10/2023                                             GLASGOW, The Stand

REVIEW: Daniel Franzese Yass! You’re Amazing! – The Stand, Glasgow

US star of Mean Girls, Daniel Franzese is making tentative steps onto the UK stand-up comedy scene and tonight’s show at The Stand marks his Scottish debut.

Best known for his extensive TV and movie work: Looking, Recovery Road, Conviction, Bully, I Spit On Your Grave and as the irresistible Damian in the aforementioned Mean Girls, as well as his current YouTube series, Shit Italian Moms Say, Franzese treats the audience to a show that’s more amusing life story than true Stand Up – and that’s not a bad thing.

In a world of negativity and down-right hate, this is a warm hug of an evening. Franzese is a charmer and his stories of growing up in Brooklyn with his more Italian than Italian’s in Italy mom, his behind the scenes experiences with his co-stars (of course Mizz Lohan gets a few mentions) and his forays into finding love, are delivered with genuine warmth.

Fully involving his audience, he does it in the most inclusive and non-threatening way, Franzese just radiates glee, it feels like a group of pals getting together to share stories over a few glasses of fizz.

This is still a work in progress, the content needs some bulking out, but Franzese is onto a winner with this joyful show.