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FEATURE: Brand new play tackling the taboo of abortion, through the eyes of a young couple comes to Rum Shack

Brought to you by two young female artists, both graduates from Acting Coach Scotland, “Much Taboo About Nothing” explores the selfishness and sacrifices between a young couple, complicated by the choice of bringing a new life into the world.

Being her debut play, writer Emma Findlay describes where the idea of the play came from, “The seed was planted after a conversation with my sister about loving someone but not being in love with them. This conversation left me with a chain of questions that I wanted to try and answer through the piece. If you’re not “in love” with someone should you really be punished for walking away? Is this a valid reason to leave? It’s not a choice to fall out of love so should we ever be expected to apologise for it? Why do we sacrifice our own feelings to protect someone else’s?”

As she continued to write, it was clear a deeper issue was emerging from the show. Emma comments, “Throughout the writing and development process, the play turned into something quite different than what I had anticipated.  I began to add layers so that “I love you but I’m not in love with you” could lead to more crushing consequences. In light of recent debate, the idea of pregnancy and choice came into the mix.  Putting the couple on opposing sides of the abortion argument created new dramatic conflict, it then became one of the central themes of the piece.”

Emerging as a playwright, Emma has benefited from a supported script development process. “Last year I submitted the play synopsis to ‘One to One: Explore Your Play’ with In Motion Theatre Company. I was delighted that my piece got chosen and I met with the company dramaturg, Andy Edwards. We found opportunities to play around with the timeline and highlighted some key elements of the story, I left feeling excited to work on the next drafts. The feedback from this meeting transformed the play and led to its continued development into rehearsals.”

What drew Director, Mairi Davidson, to collaborate on the production was Emma’s passion and approach as a writer. Emma comments, “I aim to create stories that audiences can relate to and feel challenged by. I’m very passionate about exploring controversial themes, particularly from a young perspective.”

Mairi herself feels drawn to stories that are relevant and will engage new audiences. She reflects on the themes of the show, “Lucy and Jordan, the couple we journey with in Much Taboo, are all of us when we were teenagers in love – playing at being in a grown-up relationship. Emma has captured what it is to be faced with the reality of choice when you have a rose-tinted view on the world and the reality never really matches up. These characters are so human, and I think the audience will see a bit of themselves in both of Lucy and Jordan, their hopeful dreams and their frustrations.”

As a team of young female creatives, Mairi and Emma champion women in the arts and leadership. In collaborating with each other, they hope to share a story that is fuelled by debate, confronting complex issues. Much Taboo highlights young characters on stage who have flaws, depth and real humanity. As a team they aim to contribute to new-writing theatre’s future, which they hope sees ALL people and ALL stories represented with imagination, respect and commitment to great story-telling.

MUCH TABOO ABOUT NOTHING will have its debut at The Rum Shack, with a preview performance on Wednesday 20th March at 4pm and an evening performance on Thursday 21st March at 7.30pm.


LUCY – Emma Findlay

JORDAN – Mark McMinn


PLAYWRIGHT – Emma Findlay

DIRECTOR- Mairi Davidson

Venue: The Rum Shack, 657-659 Pollockshaws Rd, Glasgow, G41 2AB

Running time: 60mins approx.

Wednesday Preview tickets: £5 (plus booking fee)

Thursday Performance tickets: £7 (plus booking fee)

All tickets are available online: https://www.ticketsignite.com/event/855/much-taboo-aboutnothing 

Audience admittance 16 years and over.