SEAT REVIEWS: Theatre Royal, Glasgow


The Theatre Royal is the oldest theatre in Glasgow, originally opening in 1867, the name changing to the Theatre Royal in 1869. It is the longest running theatre in Scotland. The theatre was spectacularly expanded and the new foyer/ lifts/ public spaces were opened in December 2014.

The theatre is owned by, and is the home of, Scottish Opera. It is also a major receiving house.

The auditorium has 1541 seats arranged over 4 levels, from bottom to top: Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony.

The theatre has a number of structurally essential pillars within the auditorium. These are clearly marked on the official theatre plan and seats here are discounted in price.


STALLS: The stalls can be configured in a number of ways depending if the full opera orchestra pit is needed or not. There are structural pillars situated within the space. When buying tickets these are clearly marked. There are 4 wheelchair spaces in the stalls.

C C11/12 – excellent view with average height person in front. Really feel part of the action.
F F25/26 – At end of the row. If you have anyone remotely tall in front of you, your view will be seriously restricted. 
G G1 – Restricted View

G30 – restricted View

H H1 (restricted view) and 2 – End of row on right side facing stage. Good view but top right hand quarter of the set is cut off from view. Surtitles on main stage can’t be seen from here. Fine if all the action takes place at front/mid stage. H2 could also be affected if very tall person sat in front.

H31 – restricted view

M M3 – Restricted View

M27 – Restricted View

N N2 – Restricted View

N3 – Restricted View

N26 – Restricted View

N27 – Restricted View


O O1 – Restricted View

O9 – Restricted View

O17 – Restricted View

O25 – Restricted View

P P7 – Restricted View

P8 – Restricted View

P16 – Restricted View

P17 – Restricted View

P18 – rRstricted View


DRESS CIRCLE: Structural pillars are situated in the space. The upper circle overhangs all but the front four rows – as you move to the rows further back this cuts off the view of the top of the stage. There are intermittent handrails to help you down to your seat.

There are boxes on either side of the circle.

There is a small row of slip seats on either side of the dress circle.

There are also wheelchair spaces on this level – there is a lift.

Slip Seat Reviews – AA 1,2,3,4,5 and BB 1,2,3,4,5 – all labelled restricted view

A A9 – Partially Restricted view because of handrail in eyeline

A20 – Partially Restricted view because of handrail in eyeline.

A33 – Sold as restricted view as there is a railing off to your right hand side but none of the stage obstructed. View excellent and plenty leg room as on the end of the aisle.

A34 – left hand side of auditorium facing stage, excellent, unobstructed view, seat slightly turned to stage. Legroom fine.

A35 – Left hand side facing stage. Seat faces slightly towards the right. Excellent unobstructed view as front row. Legroom is OK but could be tight for tall audience members.

A36 – As A35, seat has slightly less room than A35 (by that I mean the actual size of the seat (width) I believe the seats are the same size but because of the angle A36 is slightly more restricted). That said, the legroom should be OK for all but the tallest theatre-goers. Excellent view.

B B7/8 – On the aisle on right hand side as you face the stage. Very good view of stage if a tiny bit side on. Leg room good.

B35/36 – On the left hand side facing stage. The section of seats here is curved in to face the centre of the stage. The seat is slightly turned away from the stage, the head-on view is actually the boxes on the other side of the auditorium, that said it is negligible, the view of the whole stage is excellent. Leg room reasonable to good.

C C2 – Poor view, parts of stage obstructed, even behind a small woman in front – view awful.

C3 – Very bad view, could only see a tiny part of stage. Had to sit on an angle to see one small part of stage. At no time could see the whole of the stage. Completely affected enjoyment of the production.

C4 – Not ideal, but better than C3, very small person sat in front, their head obstructed the view (and I am tall) could only see because seat next to me was empty and could lean into that space to see. Whole right side of stage cut off from view.

C21/22 – very tight legroom even if you are small.

C35/36/37 – on left hand side facing stage. Leg room good, view slightly to side, little bit of back ache/ neck ache turning slightly to face stage but good panoramic view of set/stage.

D D2/D3 – These seats are only fine if no-one is sitting in front of you. Anyone over average height in front and your view is seriously restricted. Right hand side of stage cut off completely. 

D7/8 – On the aisle on right hand side as you face the stage. Very good slightly side-on view. Can get legs into aisle in seat 8.

E This row has the most legroom and space between the wide-backed seats and is advertised thus.

E1 – Restricted view

E2 – Restricted view

E12/13 – Good central view, excellent leg room.

E21 – excellent view, fabulous legroom, next to pillar so it has a little ledge on right side perfect for your drink!

E22/23 – Central section of the auditorium, slightly off centre but excellent view – great legroom and wide seat

E39 – Restricted view

E40 – Restricted view

F F2 – Restricted view

F8 – Restricted View

F16/17 – Central view

F21/22 – Central view, decent leg room.

F39 – Restricted View

G G4 – Restricted View

G16 – Restricted View

G25 – Restricted View

G37 – Restricted View

G9/10 – End of aisle. Good view.

H H15 – Restricted View

H16 – Restricted View

H17 – Restricted View

H24 – Restricted View

H25 – Restricted View

H26 – Restricted View

J J9 – Partially Restricted View

J16 – Restricted View

J23 – Restricted View

J30 – Partially Restricted View

K K15/16 – View of stage restricted by the overhang of the upper circle. Felt restricted for space.
L L9 – Restricted View

L10 – Restricted View

L11/12 – Sold as restricted view and it is that. Feels very far back, at an angle and the view of the stage is a “letterbox” effect. The roof of the upper circle hangs right above your head and feels very oppressive. Not recommended for theatre, or anything you want to actually appreciate visually. Probably fine for an orchestral concert. Left at interval of ballet as could only see little flashes of action. Don’t waste your money.

L13 – Restricted View

L20 – Restricted View

L21 – Restricted View

L22 – Restricted View

L23 – Restricted View

L24 – Restricted View

UPPER CIRCLE: Again, structural pillars protrude into the area.

Wheelchair spaces available on this level – accessed by lift.

CC SLIP SEATS RIGHT – all seats 1-9 Restricted View
DD SLIP SEATS LEFT – all seats 1-9 Restricted View
A A1 – Restricted View

A10 – Front row, on aisle. The view is OK, partially restricted because of handrail, but the legroom appalling even if you can get one leg in to the aisle on right.

A36 – Restricted View

B B1 – Restricted View

B2 – Restricted View

B35 – Restricted View

B36 – Restricted View

C C1 – Restricted View

C36 – Restricted View

D D2 – Restricted View

D11/12 – Legroom average and view fine – feels a bit detached from stage.

D35 – Restricted View

E E3 – Restricted View

E8 – Restricted View

E12 –  Leg room OK but not brilliant. View unrestricted but felt far away and as a result didn’t feel engaged with the production.

E14 – Restricted View – pillar

E23 – Restricted View

E29 – Restricted View

E32/33 – Decent value for price, legroom/ view fine but felt far away from action.

E34 – Restricted View

E35 – Restricted View

F F7 – Restricted View

F8 – Restricted View

F14 – Restricted View

F23 – Restricted View

F29 – Restricted View

F30 – Restricted View

G G6 – Restricted View

G7  Restricted View

G8 – Restricted View

G13 – Restricted View

G14 – Restricted View

G15 – Restricted View

G23 – Restricted View

G24 – Restricted View

G29 – Restricted View

G30 – Restricted View

G31 – Restricted View

H H7 – Restricted View

H8 – Restricted View

H13 – Restricted View

H814- Restricted View

H15 – Restricted View

H23 – Restricted View

H24 – Restricted View

H29 – Restricted View

H30 – On left side facing stage – a bit of a side on view of stage. There’s a pole smack bang in the centre of the view in front of you. It is sold as restricted but it really is comedically right in your face. You can lean either side of pole much to the annoyance of people either side of you but not to be recommended.

H31 – Restricted View

J J12 – Restricted View

J13 – Restricted View

J23 – Restricted View

J24 – Restricted View

J25 – Restricted View

K Wheelchair spaces

BALCONY: There is lift access to the top (and all other levels) of the theatre, the rows are very, very steeply raked with up to 35 steps to access them. There are intermittent hand rails. 

A A7 – Restricted View

A18 – Restricted View

A19 – Restricted View

A30 – Restricted View

B B6 – Restricted View

B7 – Restricted View

B18 – Restricted View

B19 – Restricted View

B30 – Restricted View

B31 – Restricted View

C C5 – Restricted View

C6 – Restricted View

C7 – Restricted View

C8 – Restricted View

C15/16 – Quite possibly the most terrifying descent to a seat I’ve ever experienced. Not for those afraid of heights. The rake of the stairs is unbelievably sharp and the rail that’s meant to stop you is about calf height. You can almost touch the ceiling when you stand up. Do not look down to the stalls whatever you do. The view is actually very good ( I would argue that you feel closer here than in the upper circle below) but you are so pre-occupied with the terrifying height, one’s enjoyment is somewhat affected!!!!! Had to have a lie down after this!!!!!

C18 – Restricted View

C19 – Restricted View

C29 – Restricted View

C30 – Restricted View

C31 – Restricted View

C32 – Restricted View

D D3 – Restricted View

D4 – Restricted View

D5 – Restricted View

D6 – Restricted View

D7 – Restricted View

D18 – Restricted View

D19 – Restricted View

D30 – Restricted View

D31 – Restricted View

D32 – Restricted View

D33 – Restricted View

D34 – Restricted View

E E3 – Restricted View

E4 – Restricted View

E5 –  Restricted View

E6 – Restricted View

E7 – Restricted View

E18 – Restricted View

E19 – Restricted View

E30 – Restricted View

E31 – Restricted View

E32 – Restricted View

E33 – Restricted View

E34 – Restricted View

F F2 – Restricted View

F3 – Restricted View

F4 – Restricted View

F5 –  Restricted View

F6 – Restricted View

F7 – Restricted View

F30 – Restricted View

F31 – Restricted View

F32 – Restricted View

F33 – Restricted View

F35 – Restricted View

G G1 – Restricted View

G2 – Restricted View

G3 – Restricted View

G4 – Restricted View

G5 – Restricted View

G31 – Restricted View

G32 – Restricted View

G33 – Restricted View

G34 – Restricted View

G35 – Restricted View

G36 – Restricted View

H H1 – Restricted View

H2 – Restricted View

H3 – Restricted View

H4 – Restricted View

H5 – Restricted View

H31 – Restricted View

H32 – Restricted View

H33 – Restricted View

H34 – Restricted View

H35 – Restricted View

H36 – Restricted View

J J1 – Restricted View

J2 – Restricted View

J3 – Restricted View

J4 – Restricted View

J5 – Restricted View

J31 – Restricted View

J32 – Restricted View

J33 – Restricted View

J34 – Restricted View

J35 – Restricted View

J36 – Restricted View

N Wheelchair Spaces

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