REVIEW: The Girl From Nowhere – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Victoria Rigby’s electrifying central performance elevates this tale of shattered dreams far above the normal road to ruin rock star tale.

In an era of innovation and change, where men have walked on the moon, women are still limited by societal expectation. It’s Cripple Creek, Texas, 1969, Jeannie Hogan has returned to her childhood home. As she riffles through the detritus of the life she left behind, a tale unfolds of how she ended up back here in the place she’s spent her life trying to get away from.

Rigby’s tale of teenage dreams of escape from a stifling past through rock stardom, is as cathartic as it is confessional and brings into focus how the issues played out here in this late sixties setting  are still depressingly relevant today: what if you don’t want marriage? what if you don’t have any maternal instincts? what if you want to live your life exactly as you please? Apparently OK if you’re a man, but a woman…

Rigby is an electrifying performer and her star turn as Jeannie is hypnotic and moving in equal measure. A masterclass in the art of storytelling. Simply mesmerising.

Runs until 31 August 2015

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