REVIEW: Triumphant return for Octave at the GLO Auditorium


It is a joy, and unfortunately becoming a rare thing indeed, to be able to sit in an auditorium and bask in the musical glow when an ensemble are truly in harmony with one another in every sense of the word.

Too often musical directors fail to find the talent to match their ambitious musical choices – this cannot be said of OCTAVE. Musical Director David Fisher provides an inspired and inspiring selection of musical genres and eras in this carefully crafted programme of aural delights. It deftly treads the fine line between providing the audience with enough familiar material from the West End and Broadway big-hitters, whilst retaining its musical integrity by introducing some unexpected and less well known, but stunningly beautiful songs perfectly pitched to showcase the immense talent of its singers.

Where the performers are at their most exquisite is when they sing as an ensemble – the soaring volume and beautifully crafted layers bring goosebumps. Their unique selling point however is the ability of the singers to act, to truly sell the songs – this is no static choir performance – there is a range of beautifully and subtly choreographed pieces as well as high comedy and show-stopping razzmatazz which help sustain interest throughout this two hour performance.

You would be hard pressed to find a musical ensemble of better quality than this anywhere in the UK and believe me I’ve seen a lot, reviewing all over the country. Hopefully this fledgling group will spread their wings so that we can all have the opportunity to enjoy them.

At the GLO Auditorium Motherwell until Saturday 8th September see below;

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