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NEWS: Award-winning Grid Iron Theatre Company at work on a new show to premiere this August

Experts in site specific and promenade theatre, Edinburgh-based Grid Iron Theatre Company hopes to bring a world premiere of Doppler to audiences next month. With very limited audience numbers of up to 20 people, this outdoor, socially distant show would have a limited run starting on or after 24 August with venue and exact dates still to be confirmed.

Judith Doherty, Chief Executive and Co-Artistic Director of Grid Iron Theatre Company said: “We are very cautiously excited about the possibility of bringing Doppler to Edinburgh audiences this August. We have been developing the show for over a year now and had hoped to bring it to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Doppler was always meant to be an outdoor show and with our experience of producing shows in unusual spaces, we remain hopeful that we will be able to proceed with our plans. We are currently awaiting confirmation of our venue and then we can proceed with securing the required licensing.

“Having said that, we acknowledge the situation is developing fast and we might need to adapt quickly. We understand that 24 August, the date announced by the Scottish Government today as potentially the first day of live outdoor performances being allowed back in Scotland, is an indicative date which will be reviewed in 3 weeks.

“Safety and comfort of our audiences and team are always our top priority and we are simultaneously working on plans for a non-live sharing of Doppler.”

Adapted and directed by Ben Harrison, produced by Judith Doherty, with dramaturgy by Eszter Marsalko and translated by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw, Doppler is an adaptation of a satirical novel by a Norwegian writer Erlend Loe. It focuses on Doppler, a man who, following the death of his father, decides to abandon his family and move to the forest on the outskirts of Oslo. He is determined to live a life as far removed from his previous as possible but struggles to maintain his isolation as his existence garners a lot of unwanted attention.

Ben Harrison, Adaptor, Director and Co-Artistic Director of Grid Iron said: “Doppler has been planned for a couple of years but takes on new and unexpected resonances in the context of the pandemic. The central character is jolted out of his comfortable Norwegian existence by a bicycle accident and determines to live an isolated life in the forest away from his family and social circle.

“Determined to live a deliberately simple existence, a life fused with the rhythm of the forest, he slows everything right down. Through his comical one-sided dialogue with an orphaned elk calf that he adopts, muses on life, the excesses of capitalism, fathers and sons and the footprint we leave on the world. As the months move slowly by however, his alternative lifestyle of bartering and hunter-gathering attracts some unwanted attention, and he finds being alone not nearly as simple and straightforward as he had hoped.”

Known for the role of Lesley in Outlander, Keith Fleming is Doppler with Grid Iron-regulars Itxaso Moreno and Sean Hay portraying all the remaining characters. The Company is also working with several talented freelancers, including Fergus Dunnet who is producing the puppets for the show, David Pollock on music and foley and Becky Minto who is responsible for design.

Following weeks of Zoom meetings, the Company has now begun outdoor rehearsals strictly following all the safety measures. These include not only face masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing but also taking people’s temperature at home and then again in the outdoor rehearsal space, props being handled by only one person, introduction of a clean objects area after they are sanitized and shorter rehearsal days to avoid having to take meal breaks. The Company is also making it possible for people not to have to travel to work by public transport unless they are absolutely comfortable to do so and if yes, only outwith peak times.

The very strict health and safety regulations also impact on the design of the show with rigging and lighting designed to be handled by only one person at all times and actors wearing their own clothes and bringing some of the props from home.

Grid Iron Theatre Company has decades of experience of producing theatre in non-theatre, often outdoor spaces and is widely recognised as experts in audience management. Its past productions include Roam presented at the Edinburgh Airport, Decky Does Bronco in parks and play areas across the UK and Ireland, Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery at the Edinburgh Zoo and Crude, produced at a huge former oil-rig manufacturing shed in the Port of Dundee.

The Company is closely following the Scottish Government’s guidelines and is in touch with local authorities, and remains hopeful the staging of Doppler late in August will be possible. It recognises however that the current landscape is uncertain and everchanging and as such, is preparing for the eventuality that the live outdoor show will not be able to proceed. If that happens, Doppler will be shared with audiences digitally as a filmed performance.


Facebook and Twitter: @GridIronTheatre

Images: Delilah Rose Niel

NEWS: Scottish Ensemble invites you to join in a state of Deep Listening

In a state of Deep Listening there is no sound that is wrong. The way you listen and respond is unique to you. It gives space to an artistic release of feelings and embodies the power of music in developing a sense of well-being.

Scottish Ensemble is asking its audiences and people who may be contemporary music fans, those who practice mindfulness, or maybe even just experience seekers to join them in creating Tumbling Song, the 14th Sonic Meditation by Pauline Oliveros.

Oliveros wrote 25 Sonic Meditations between March and November 1971. They are instructions that anyone can follow, without any need for a knowledge of musical theory or technical skill. The Sonic Meditations invite you into this heightened state of Deep Listening by paying close attention to your breathing, your body and the sounds around you, and allow you to find new sounds of your own.

To take part in Sonic Meditations, visit the Scottish Ensemble website where you will hear members of the Ensemble’s instruments and voices, you can then follow instructions to join them in making this Sonic Meditation a true celebration of listening and togetherness through submitting your sounds.

Those who wish to add their sound to the performance should submit their response by Wednesday 19 August after which a final mix is completed, visuals added and it goes live on the Scottish Ensemble website www.scottishensemble.co.uk

To listen, find some headphones and get comfortable and ready to immerse yourself. Explore the sound worlds and the blend between instruments and voices, the different highs and lows, the dark and light to find the mix that provokes feelings you want to inhabit and inspires you.

Jenny Jamison, Chief Executive of Scottish Ensemble said: “At a time when it is so important to find outlets for artistic expression and freedom of feeling, Scottish Ensemble has created this innovative online version of Tumbling Song to bring together people from across the world.  We hope people can take a moment to themselves, as they build a global meditation, and enjoy the distinctive and special experience of playing and singing with our musicians. There’s a cathartic feeling to Tumbling Song – a feeling of release – and through this Sonic Meditation we hope people feel united, no matter how far apart they are, in a musical exploration.”

Daniel Pioro, Scottish Ensemble Project Lead said: “Oliveros’ music, perhaps more so than the music of any other composer, feels like it would exist as happily on the top floor of MOMA, as it would in a cathedral.  I would like everyone who participates in this project of ours to know that they are vital. They are not casual participants, they are the fabric of this sound artwork.”

Sonic Meditations sits alongside the Musical Book Club and a new collaborative cross artform project which will be announced shortly as Scottish Ensemble’s Digital Summer Season.





NEWS: Thornhill Theatre Space Announces World Wide Virtual Fringe Festival

Thornhill Theatre Space is proud to announce that for the month of August they will be hosting a World Wide Virtual Fringe Festival.



Thornhill Theatre Space is a digital social media theatre space that was started as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Creator, Ryan Thornhill devised the idea for a live-stream table read of new plays, creating a series titled “Couch Readings”.

“I knew that playwrights were taking the time in quarantine to really focus on writing but they have no place to present or develop these new scripts. I wanted to be able to facilitate a space that these artist could present their work with the hopes of further development” Thornhill stated.

Each week he would choose from a group of submitted new short plays and present them as part of “Couch Readings”. Depending on where in the world the script would come from, he would cast the actors from that country. After the table read, Thornhill, the actors and the playwright would have a discussion about the new script, with the hopes that the playwright would get enough valuable information to go back and further develop their script.

Thornhill states, “With the success of Couch Readings, I started to realize that theatre could still work in a digital medium. There is obviously still a need for further development, but it is an option to keep the theatre alive.”

“Fringe festivals around the world started cancelling, but I noticed that a lot of companies were adjusting to digital content. Thats when I decided that I wanted to approach companies that have produced digital theatre and have attended fringe festivals in the past and see if they would like to take part in a virtual fringe festival”, Thornhill continued.

Within 2 weeks he had ten companies that were on board to be part of this virtual fringe festival. This festival includes productions/events from England, Singapore, Scotland, Canada, United States and the Philippines. Some of the theatre companies involved are Get Over It Productions (England), Lonesome Whistle Productions (United States), Maybles Productions (Canada), The XV Theatre Company (England), 3 Chinas Productions (Scotland), Attempts (Singapore), Ikarus Theatre Collaboration (the Philippines) and many more.

Thornhill will be directing Thornhill Theatre Space’s inaugural production, a digital play titled “Self Help Tips with Tiffany” by Pedro Diegues as well as launching their podcast Couch Chats”, all as a part of their fringe festival.

All the productions will be viewable solely on their Facebook Page (Thornhill Theatre Space). You can also find out more information on all of their social media pages; Instagram (@thornhilltheatrespace) and Twitter (@ththeatrespace).

The festival will run the whole month of August and includes a variety of events that is sure to entertain everyone.

NEWS: Rescheduled dates for Waitress UK tour announced

Musical Waitress, presented by Barry & Fran Weissler and David Ian, has rescheduled its first ever UK and Ireland tour and will arrive in Glasgow from Monday 21 June – Saturday 26 June 2021
at the King’s Theatre, the public sale begins: 10AM Thursday 30 July.

Waitress is based on the 2007 movie written by Adrienne Shelley. Music and lyrics are written by GRAMMY award-winning, singer-songwriter sensation Sara Bareilles, who appeared on the Graham Norton TV show, performing the hit song from the show She Used To Be Mine. With a book by Jessie Nelson, direction by Tony-award winner Diane Paulus and choreography by Lorin Latarro, Waitress has garnered multiple awards and nominations in both America and the UK, receiving acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

Waitress tells the story of Jenna, an expert pie maker in a small town, who dreams of a way out of her loveless marriage. A baking contest in a nearby county and the town’s new doctor may offer her a chance at a new life, while her fellow waitresses offer their own recipes to happiness. But Jenna must find the courage and strength within herself to rebuild her life. This beautiful musical celebrates friendship, motherhood, and the magic of a well-made pie.

NEWS: Army’s Annual Fringe Event Regroups with Three Weeks of Online Arts Events

A virtual Army@TheFringe will bring together performers, writers, musicians, filmmakers and many others to support the arts sector

Army@TheFringe has been transformed for 2020 and will offer a richly varied three-week programme of online workshops, readings, performances and discussions for the arts community and the public.

Rebadged as Army@TheVirtualFringe its focus will shift from hosting Edinburgh Fringe shows to providing practical insights and advice from a wide variety of emerging and established arts and cultural practitioners.

Films, live-from-home performances and screenings are also planned, plus rehearsed readings of shows that were scheduled to take place on stage at the Army’s Hepburn House Fringe venue.

The online event has been welcomed by Brigadier Robin Lindsay, operational head of the Army in Scotland, as a way of continuing the work of Army@TheFringe to work with the arts community and promote debate about key issues.

Between 10 and 30 August there will be more than 40 free online events – with Week 1 dedicated to film and photography, Week 2 devoted to theatre and Week 3 exploring poetry, books and visual art.

Lieutenant Colonel Wendy Faux, head of arts for the Army, said: “After the cancellation of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe we talked to the arts community about how we could reshape Army@TheFringe to give them some support.

“There was huge enthusiasm for a digital event that provided practical insights and ideas for arts professionals as they prepare to rebuild after lockdown.

“The result is Army@TheVirtualFringe which brings together some remarkable people, from a multitude of backgrounds, to share their knowledge and experience – and also has performances and events that we hope will appeal to the public.

“In keeping with our past events, we will continue to put a strong emphasis on promoting diversity and providing forums to discuss a wide range of issues.”

Wendy is also a photographer and her exhibition, Not Just a Wife, was shown during Army@TheFringe in 2018.

Those taking part this year include James Robert Moore whose play, POSTERBOY (based on James Wharton’s autobiography Out In The Army: My life as a gay soldier), was due to be premiered as part of Army@TheFringe2020.

He said: “It’s so exciting and comforting to still be involved with something that celebrates Fringe plays, even though the future of theatre is currently uncertain. Our hope is that the plans we had for POSTERBOY this year can be rolled over to 2021, and that in the meantime anybody who is missing live theatre can join in this August and watch the week’s virtual festivities.”

James will be involved in three online sessions, one of which will feature six actors performing a 20-minute section of the play.

There will also be Charlotte Green, writer and producer of Lest We Forget, which follows the fight against prejudice faced by a black veteran and white Northern woman in Britain after the First World War.

Oliver Yellop, writer and actor, will perform I Am Gavrilo Princip, his play about the Bosnian Serb whose assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked WWI, live from his living room and will also discuss making solo works.

From the world of dance there will be Rosie Kay, creator of the internationally acclaimed 5 Soldiers, which premiered at Army@TheFringe plus the rare chance to see a screening of 10 Soldiers, an expanded version of the original.

Roman Baca, former classical ballet dancer, US Marine and Iraq veteran, and founder of Exit 12 dance company, will talk about interpreting military themes in dance.

Also taking part will be author and artist Harry Parker, Army Photographer of the Year 2019 Corporal Rebecca Brown and founder of the new Liberally online arts platform Daisy Rogers – who will lead a session on minority voices.

Daisy said: “Liberally champions the stories and narratives of minority voices across the liberal arts; we believe in the structural and cultural necessity for diversity both within the Army and throughout society as a whole. The arts in general, and events like this in particular, can play a valuable role in making that happen.”

Themes covered in Army@TheVirtualFringe workshops will extend from mask making, the use of film and photography and preparing plays for radio to making music for productions, theatre design for the Fringe and staging a show at Army@TheFringe.

A number of those taking part in the event had been planning to present shows as part of Army@TheFringe and it is hoped that these productions will take place in 2021.

Brigadier Robin Lindsay said: “We launched Army@TheFringe four years ago as a way of sparking conversations about diversity and identity by hosting performances that offered insights on life in and out of uniform. Those discussions have ever been more important.

“While Covid-19 has meant that the Edinburgh Fringe can’t go on as normal, I am delighted the Army can draw on its organisational resources to help carry the torch and to provide support to the arts community at a time when it faces immense challenges.

“We also look forward to returning in full force with live productions at our Army@TheFringe venue 2021.”

Jordan Blackwood, Producer of Army@TheVirtualFringe, added: “Creating an entirely new event from scratch, under lockdown conditions and with limited time has been quite a challenge – but the arts sector and the Army are amazingly adaptable.

“Thanks to their energy and commitment we have put together a great programme of workshops, shows, screenings, readings and discussions. We hope they will contribute to the huge efforts the sector is making to innovate and recover from a pandemic which has been devastating for society, culture and the arts.”

Heather Marshall, who presented The Happiness Project with Edinburgh’s Creative Electric theatre group at the 2019 Army@TheFringe will this year be working with young people to deliver arts activism workshops resulting in an online gallery.



Leading youth theatre PACE, best known for producing a string of illustrious alumni, is launching a brand new platform to offer quality creative experiences this summer for young people aged 3-21. The platform is open to young people across Scotland and can be accessed on a Donate What You Can basis, free to anyone that needs it until September 2020.

Joining the A Change of PACE platform means young people can sign up for all PACE’s online summer events and courses, chat and share in an online community platform specific to their age group, access exclusive digital content from artists across the country, and much more. 

Children’s charities are warning of the long-term impact of Covid-19 for young people, with many already feeling the effects of social distancing, high levels of isolation, and the wider social and economic changes to their lives. With proven links between having a creative outlet and an improvement in wellbeing and development, A Change of PACE aims to offer a creative respite and a supportive online environment to as many young people as possible.

A Change of PACE offers two membership options; a Regular membership includes a weekly zoom drama workshops while the new Light memberships allow young people to access all of the online videos, audio adventures, podcast and digital theatre, as well as book summer events, without the weekly commitment.

The Paisley-based youth theatre has been successfully running online drama classes and building a creative community for its existing members since the lockdown prompted a re-imagining of its core activity in March, launched with an online Q&A and masterclass by former alumni and star of The Last Kingdom, Mark Rowley.

Explaining why he believes creative opportunities such as this are vital, Mark said:
PACE gave me so much confidence and self belief growing up. When I didn’t have vision and felt a bit lost as a teenager, they gave me a focus and a drive to pursue a dream that I thought was unattainable. More than ever, these activities can be a constant in the lives of young people and it’s great for me to be able to give something back.”

Positive feedback for this pilot has prompted an expansion of its offering and staff hope to be able to bring this fantastic resource to even more young people, with the removal of geographical and financial barriers. It is a cornerstone of PACE’s ethos that finances should never be a barrier to participation. Thanks to vital support from the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund / Linstone Housing, the Wellbeing Fund, Corra Foundation, Charities Aid Foundation and public donations, PACE is making A Change of PACE free to anyone who requests it, and on a Donate What You Can basis for those who are able to.

Jenni Mason, Artistic Director of PACE says:
This is an unfamiliar and challenging situation for everyone and I think it is particularly hard for young people. We believe that at a time like this, the arts have an absolutely key role to play, being creative can provide a fantastic outlet for young people and it can also provide a way for them to process and explore what is happening around us.”

NEWS: Maw Goose will Strut Her Stuff in 2021 at Macrobert

After careful consideration and in light of the ongoing restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 lockdown, Macrobert Arts Centre has delayed this year’s panto, Maw Goose, until 2021.

Julie Ellen (Macrobert’s Artistic Director) said:

‘We have been exploring all the options around our annual panto and this has been a hugely difficult decision to make.  We are looking forward to seeing Maw Goose ‘strut her stuff’ in 2021. Good Panto takes time and planning, it is a year-round commitment for all of us – Macrobert staff, the creative team, the cast and the members of our young cast – and at this stage we just can’t balance delivering a fantastic panto experience for our audience with making sure we keep everyone safe, both of which are key priorities for us all.’

The annual panto is the organisation’s biggest annual investment in terms of both time and money and like creative organisations across the UK Macrobert Arts Centre has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown. Their priority is being here for everyone in the future as a key part of the cultural community in Stirling, Forth Valley and further afield, delaying Maw Goose will not only help with those plans, but ensure audiences get the all-singing, all-dancing panto extravaganza promised by a Macrobert Panto.

Julie continued:

‘It’s a difficult time for the arts community as a whole, but without welcoming our audiences into the building for the full range of creative experiences we offer, it is a big challenge for us financially. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our audiences, partners and other supporters, on so many levels, but we need to make plans to help ensure Macrobert’s future and we look forward to sharing Maw Goose with everyone next year when we can properly do it justice.‘

The Macrobert Team will be in touch with all bookers to transfer tickets or to discuss alternative options.

WHAT TO WATCH: Scottish Ballet premieres new dance film Indoors, created by Resident Choreographer Sophie Laplane

Scottish Ballet present the world premiere of dance film Indoors – a playful new work created by Resident Choreographer Sophie Laplane, in collaboration with in-house filmmaker Eve McConnachie, now available on the company’s Facebook page.

Commissioned by CEO / Artistic Director Christopher Hampson, Indoors consists of 28 doors and 36
dancers; bringing the full company together, virtually, as they perform within their own homes.

Set to Papageno, Papagena by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Indoors is true to Laplane’s quirky and unique style, as she uses humour and props to drive her abstract narratives forward. Replacing the use of jackets (Sibilo) and gloves (Dextera) with doors, in this case, her choreographic language transcends from stage to screen.

Rehearsed via Zoom and recorded in lockdown, the new short film was created and filmed in a week, and explores how we can open our doors to new possibilities.

Talking about Indoors, Laplane said:
“Indoors brings each dancer together in a piece that aims to reflect Scottish Ballet’s uniqueness – they are a company that aren’t scared of trying new things, so we saw this as an opportunity to test the possibilities of technology. Having not choreographed on Zoom before, it has allowed me to grow as a choreographer; discovering different settings, and seeing them as spaces to create.”

Filmmaker Eve McConnachie added:
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sophie on a couple of films, having worked together on Idle Eyes and Maze. Not only is she a talented choreographer but she is a joy to collaborate with; always experimenting.”

Indoors can be watched from Wednesday 22 July at 1pm on Facebook and YouTube thereafter.

NEWS: First acts announced for AJ Bell Fringe on Friday as FringeMakers crowdfunding campaign launches

Today, Wednesday 29 July, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced the first line up details for AJ Bell Fringe on Friday, a 60-minute Fringe variety show and fundraiser, made possible thanks to the generous support of online investment platform AJ Bell.

This new digital show will stream every ‪Friday during the Fringe (07, 14, 21 and ‪28 August‬) and will showcase a snapshot of the festival across a range of genres, including comedy, cabaret, dance and music. Each show will feature nine different acts and will go out live at 9pm, with tickets costing £9
(£1 less than the cost of the average Fringe ticket).

The broadcast has been brought to life by Scotland-based cultural producers Lucky Cat and Michael Fraser, and production company Inner Ear. The first show will be hosted by Suzi Ruffell, with Nigel Ng, Jayde Adams and Courtney Act also confirmed to host later editions.

Further acts confirmed so far include Abandoman, Magical Bones, Daniel SlossFern Brady, Briefs, Bernie Dieter, Craig Hill, Michael Odewale and Sadia Azmat. The full line-up for each show will be announced the Wednesday before the Friday broadcast.

AJ Bell Fringe on Friday is a key part of the FringeMakers campaign, a Fringe-wide fundraising initiative that has been developed in partnership with Crowdfunder. This new, zero-fee platform is designed to help Fringe artists and venues raise vital funds in the absence of a physical festival in 2020. Artists and venues keep 100% of the proceeds from tickets they sell, plus any donations made to their own campaigns. Several artist and venue fundraising campaigns are already underway, with more to follow over the coming weeks.


Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society said: “The closer we get to August, the more we’re all feeling the physical absence of the Fringe in Edinburgh. For so many creatives across the festival, this loss is compounded by the severe financial impact of the Fringe not going ahead as planned. With help from our partners AJ Bell and Crowdfunder, FringeMakers is a way to support those artists and venues and to help fund their future. They are the festival and we need to rally around them.

“As a thank you for donating, audiences will be able to access AJ Bell Fringe on Friday – a cabaret show capturing the spirit of the Fringe. It’s great to see this snapshot of the festival come to life and the lineup is truly a reflection of the wonderful talent this festival is known for. This will complement the vast array of digital offerings Fringe artists and venues have been working on over the past few months, details of which will be available through our website.”

“I’d encourage everyone who loves the Fringe to engage with the shows, donate to individual projects and get behind our amazing FringeMakers, to help ensure the artists and venues that make your Fringe every August return stronger in 2021.”

Jayde Adams, Comedian and Fringe on Friday host, said: “I’m delighted to be hosting one of the Fringe on Friday live shows. I’ve experienced how valuable the Fringe can be for an artist’s career, from my Best Newcomer nomination back in 2016, to releasing last year’s show as a comedy special, and I’m excited to bring some of that Fringe energy we’ll all be missing so much this summer.

“This is a great way to keep supporting the wonderful artists and venues that come together each August, so get behind your favourites on FringeMakers and enjoy the show.”

Andy Bell, Chief Executive, AJ Bell, said: “The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been an iconic arts and cultural event that gives established and emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and hone their performances. It has always been a truly inclusive celebration of creativity, arts and culture that is famous around the world. COVID-19 has dealt a hammer blow to the entire sector but as the saying goes – the show must go on.

“It’s great that the Fringe Society has not been deterred and will be going digital for 2020 and everyone at AJ Bell is very proud that we are supporting it. We are delighted to see the creative thinking of the team bring to life the AJ Bell Fringe on Friday and the AJ Bell Fringe Pick N Mix – initiatives that will bring joy to audiences in the UK and around the world, whilst at the same time raising much needed funds for the performers, venues and creative businesses that have been hit so hard by the pandemic.”

Simon Walker, Head of Projects, Crowdfunder, said: We’re absolutely delighted to have created the Crowdfunder platform behind FringeMakers. It’s clear that venues and the arts industry have been hugely impacted over the last five months and as a result the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will this year look like no Fringe before it.

“It’s fantastic to be weaving Crowdfunder’s technology into the Fringe 2020, where it’s being used to provide support to Edinburgh’s venues and Fringe performers by connecting with audiences and raising much needed funding.”

About FringeMakers: how it works

Fringe fans can buy tickets for each AJ Bell Fringe on Friday show through individual artist and venue fundraising pages, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist or venue in question. They will also be able to buy tickets from the Fringe Society, with all money raised going towards a central artist and venue recovery fund, which has already been boosted thanks to the support of AJ Bell. Funds will be circulated to artists and venues at the end of this year’s festival, with an independent panel deciding on how the money is distributed.

Individual Fringe artists and venues can create their own a page on the dedicated FringeMakers platform, https://crowdfund.edfringe.com/. These pages are a space for participants to share their own stories, connect with their audiences and offer tailored rewards (from exclusive merchandise to their own online content and unique experiences). All participants can set their own rewards for donation in addition to selling access to the AJ Bell Fringe on Friday broadcast. Participants keep 100% of the ticket cost sold from their page.

Crowdfunder have generously waived all fees for the project, and are providing participants with tailored support, including dedicated webinars, one-to-one training for Fringe artists and venues, and how to guides, to enable them to raise as much money as possible during the month of August.

You can find more detail – including a range of artist and venue fundraising campaigns – by visiting the FringeMakers website here.

NEWS: Alexandra Burke stars in My Best Friend’s Wedding coming to Glasgow 2022!

Alexandra Burke is to star as Julianne Potter in the UK and Ireland tour of My Best Friend’s Wedding which is now to play at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow from 31 January – 19 February 2022 following a postponement of the tour due to theatre closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Best Friend’s Wedding is based on the film of the same name and features some of the most iconic pop anthems ever written by the legendary Burt Bacharach and Hal David, including I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, Walk on By, I Say A Little Prayer and What’s New Pussycat.

“Fiery food critic Julianne Potter has always turned her nose up at romance. It’s the reason she broke up with her sweetheart Michael O’Neal.  When she hears he’s about to be married, she vows to win him back for good, but with perfect Kimmy in the way, it’s not as easy as she first thought. Can she derail her best friend’s wedding in time and keep Michael all for herself?”

The musical will have a book by Ronald Bass (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Rain Man, The Joy Luck Club) and Jonathan Harvey (Beautiful Thing, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Coronation Street).

31 January – 19 February 2022
King’s Theatre, GLASGOW

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