REVIEW: No Love Songs – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

No Love Songs is based on the experiences of Kyle Falconer from Scottish rock band The View and his partner Laura Wilde and their very personal journey into parenthood. Wilde has written the work with much lauded Scottish playwright Johnny McKnight whose deft hand is tangible in the humour and pathos of the piece.

Billed as ‘gig theatre’ it takes the often harrowing subject of post natal depression and delivers a dagger sharp, astute, poignant and often very funny work, that is at all times, entirely relatable and utterly compelling.

As Lana, Dawn Sievewright is intensely alive, funny, strong, sensitive and sympathetic with a hauntingly beautiful voice, she is the charismatic focus of the piece. John McLarnon as Jessie delivers an absolutely on-point portrayal of the trying hard but not got a clue male partner.

No Love Songs hits the ground running and due to its well recorded experiences and sharp intelligence, keeps you hanging on every word and note throughout its 80 minute running time. The songs from Falconer’s second solo album are re-imagined for this stage show. In the hands of the two leads, they are given a new life and a greater emotional impact, both Sievewright and McLarnon are gifted singers and actors.

The minimal staging relies on the strong sparky script that handles the traumatic subject matter brilliantly, getting its point across with vibrancy and often eliciting a visceral reaction from its audience, there were audible sobs at moments. It also needs to be said that here were as many tears of laughter too.

No Love Songs examines the conflict between fame and family and parenthood and following your dreams and does it brilliantly. Vibrant, intensively alive, it packs a punch. This is an utter gem and a must-see show for 2023.


Runs until 27 August 2023 | Image: Contributed

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