REVIEW: Welcome My Son – Platform, Glasgow

Physical theatre artist Phil Hardie’s re-telling of the Frankenstein story, Welcome My Son, is a darkly atmospheric, hugely accomplished and physically impressive work.

Exploring issues of neglect and how, in the absence of love, a human will often turn to hate as the only alternative, Hardie creates a fully realised Creature and beautifully demonstrates the pain of existing in a world “of riches and beauty” after abandonment by his creator.

Hardie plays both creature and creator and among his astonishing feats of physical skill on the Chinese pole, scaffolded set and in the shadow box, he injects sequences of dialogue into the work, bringing a new and welcome dimension to physical theatre.

Hardie makes this complex discipline look effortless and displays finely measured acting skills that create a mesmerising and affecting performance.

Welcome My Son can still be seen at the following venues this October: