REVIEW: Caitlin Moran: How to Build a Girl Tour – The Pavilion, Glasgow

The Wolverhampton born author, columnist, and now TV scriptwriter, Caitlin Moran has stopped off in Glasgow on her final ever tour (it’s hard to believe that such a force of nature cites nerves as the reason for quitting), ostensibly to accompany her latest book, How to Build a Girl (of which a signed copy is included with every ticket bought). In between the readings there’s a veritable smorgasbord of hysterical anecdotes about both her everyday life and the vagaries of being a female (the mooncup!!!!!) as well as some starry (and thoroughly mortifying) encounters from her role as The Times’ TV critic.


It’s an almost (but not quite) all-female audience and the feeling of sisterhood hangs high in the air. Nothing is off limits and I’m pretty sure the auditorium at The Pavilion has never heard vulvas, vaginas, menstruation and masturbation mentioned in the first half hour of any show before.

It plays out like a great big celebration of womanhood with an order of self-help on the side and it’ll send you back onto the pavements of Glasgow with a renewed sense of self and a feeling of empowerment. It’s sad to think that there won’t be any more opportunities to see this fabulous force for good in the flesh.