100 WORD REVIEWS: The Tour – The Space at Surgeon’s Hall, Edinburgh

I’m not entirely sure that I’ll need 100 words to cover this.

A new musical about life on the road with a touring musical. It chronicles the petty jealousies and major annoyances of nine people thrown together on a tour bus.

Utterly lacking in any depth, drive or drama, the characters fail to realise even two-dimensions and the book is hugely underdeveloped. A complete and utter bore from start to finish with poor projection, only one song that remains in the memory as you leave the venue and a single sequence of choreography to enliven the one-hour running time. Woeful.

REVIEW: The Falcon’s Malteser by Anthony Horowitz – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Theatre company New Old Friends have a rare and brilliant gem on their hands: taking Anthony Horowitz’s much-loved 1986 kiddie noir novel The Falcon’s Malteser and delivering a show that is utterly entertaining and daftly funny for both adults and children alike.

Ex-cop and now private eye, Tim (rather dim) and his teenage (genius) brother Nick Diamond find themselves in possession of a mysterious and much sought after package. Throw into the mix a cast of, what seems like thousands, including: a vertically challenged Mexican, a Russian gangster, an East End villain and a German hit-man to name a few. There’s a cracking script filled with slapstick, songs and sight gags and delightfully clever wordplay – all ripping along at a breakneck speed that keeps you glued throughout.

Much of the show’s success is down to the well-drilled and simply top-notch cast: though churlish to single anyone out, it is Dan Winter who creates the lion’s share of the laughs, as in turn: a door to door, door salesman; a science teacher; a butcher; a newsagent; a hotel proprietor; a night-club bouncer and a hit-man – oh, and he sings too.

It’s filled with witty writing, warmth, charm and winning performances – what more could you ask for? Gather your grannies and grandpas, mums and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters and get along to this gag-filled gem. You’d be missing out if you missed it.

Runs until 31 August 2015

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