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NEWS: National Theatre of Scotland’s Rocket Post returns on screen as part of Royal National Mod in Glasgow this month

  • Filmed version of production will be screened as part of 2019 Mòd Ghlaschu in Glasgow, and will include free family workshops, followed by screenings and workshops in schools throughout October
  • The film will also be made available for free on the National Theatre of Scotland’s website during the October half-term break from Monday 14 to Friday 18 October 2019.

Stage Version: Written and directed by Lewis Hetherington with collaborators Ailie Cohen and MJ McCarthy, and movement director Kane Husbands.

Screen version: directed by Donald MacInnes

Cast: Ceit Kearney, Christina Gordon, Gavin Swift, Harry Ward and MJ Deans.

A special filmed version of the National Theatre of Scotland’s 2017 production Rocket Post is to be shown as part of Mòd Ghlaschu 2019 at the CCA, Glasgow on 16 and 18 October. The free screenings of the family-friendly film, which playfully tells an extraordinary true story in both English and Gaelic, will be followed by family drama workshops and activities led by National Theatre of Scotland creatives.

The film and workshops are also set to visit Gaelic schools for a special series of screenings throughout October. In addition, the film will also be made free-to-view on the National Theatre of Scotland website during the October half-term break from Monday 14 to Friday 18 October 2019.

Lewis Hetherington’s inventive show for children and grown-ups is based on the incredible true story of German rocket scientist Gerhard Zucker and his plans for a rocket-based postal system in Scotland, which led to the famed Latha na Rocait – the Day of the Rocket – on the Isle of Harris in 1934.

Originally presented on-stage in 2017 as part of a Scotland-wide tour, the production was filmed at a special performance in Harris before visiting more Scottish communities on the Screen Machine. Rocket Post on Screen was originally commissioned as a ground-breaking collaboration between National Theatre of Scotland and The Space, and became the first National Theatre of Scotland project to be presented on cinema screens.

Mòd Ghlaschu is Scotland’s premier Gaelic cultural festival, with a programme of events taking place across Glasgow from 11-19 October.

Join the conversation: #RocketPostonScreen

Listings information

Location: Centre for Contemporary Arts, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD

Dates: 4pm, Wed 16 October 2019

& 10am Fri 18 October 2019

Booking information: Free tickets bookable at nationaltheatrescotland.com                                                          

WHAT’S ON OCTOBER: Judith Owen Announces 2019 UK Tour

Following from her critically acclaimed 2018 album ‘redisCOVERed’, firebrand singer-songwriter and pianist Judith Owen has announced a set of October UK dates, where she will be showcasing her unique interpretations of classic hits as part of her ‘Ego Non Karaoke – I don’t do karaoke’ shows.

“I can’t believe it’s been over two years since I last toured the UK,” says Judith. “I’ve travelled the world in support of ‘redisCOVERed’, (and even learnt to swear in multiple languages), but nothing compares to coming home and sharing the new songs and stories with my British fans and friends…”

On redisCOVERed, Judith garnered critical praise for her reimagining’s of a diverse catalogue of tracks (Soundgarden’s breakthrough hit ‘Black Hole Sun’, Grease’s ‘Summer Nights’ and Deep Purples’ ‘Smoke on the Water’ to name a few) with the Daily Express saying she “has the ability to make a song her own,” in their four star review of her album. Judith’s talent stretches beyond the musical, her ability to empathise with a song and its writer allows her to place herself within its story, turning its narrative on its head and completely changing the meaning behind the lyrics.

Her biggest test, was seeing herself within the very modern hip-hop of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. “I said to Harry [Shearer, her husband], ‘choose the most extreme thing; something contemporary that you would think I could not relate to,’” she says. “But of course I can because I’ve been in that place where I was constantly waiting for the phone call that would come from the guy who would call me only when there was no one better to be around. That song became more of a torch song. That’s absolutely a woman’s song if ever there was one.”

Judith Owen – Tour Dates

October 2019

Wednesday 9th – Black Box, Belfast

Thursday 10th – CCA, Glasgow

Friday 18th – Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury

Saturday 19th – Pizza Express, Birmingham

Sunday 20th – Acapela, Cardiff

Monday 21st – Greystones, Sheffield

Tuesday 22nd – The Stables, Milton Keynes

Wednesday 23rd – The Electric Theatre, Guildford

WHAT’S ON MARCH: Bossnappers at the CCA as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Bossnappers by Tom Brogan a full length play at CCA, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Sunday 22 March, Monday 23 March and Tuesday 24 March 2015 at 19:30

Tickets: £8/£6

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.56.35

The women of Donachie’s Biscuit Factory put up with long hours, hazardous conditions and sexist remarks. It’s not fun, but you have to make a living somehow. Right? Then one day a rumour starts. Could their jobs be moved overseas? Are they being made redundant?

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.56.49

Their boss is reluctant to reveal his plans, but when he decides to get as much work out of his staff as he can the women decide there’s only one thing left they can do. Kidnap him.

But what exactly do Sheena Easton and Dolly Parton have to do with it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.57.09

A new play by Tom Brogan.

Cast and Crew

Rose – Janis Marshall Reilly

Meg – Jamie Lee McPherson

Gwen – Louise Henderson

Helen – Nicola Clark

Alice – Ros McCue

Les – John Winchester

Janis Marshall Reilly – Since graduating from University in 2005 with an MA in Theatre Studies Janis has worked extensively as a freelance actor, director and producer, workshop practitioner and arts events co-ordinator. She also produces her own theatre and film work with UNSCENE and gives other creative professionals a platform to do the same.

Jamie Lee McPherson – As an actor Jamie Lee’s theatre credits include ‘Mirror God’, ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘Another Road’ and ‘Some Just Can’t Bite’. Television includes ‘River City’.

Louise Henderson – Louise makes her acting debut in ‘Bossnappers’. Similar to her character, Gwen, she’s a self confessed digital whizz-kid. When she’s not hatching plans to kidnap her fictional (or not?) boss, Louise can usually be found with her sidekick Louie, a rescue Westie, playing softball, or singing Sheena Easton songs on the ukulele.

Nicola Clark – Nicola ‘s theatre includes ‘Serve Cold’, ‘Cuttin’ a Rug’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Tenement 12’. Television includes ‘Outlander’ and ‘Panorama’.

Ros McCue – Ros works as a drama teacher. Theatre includes ‘The Daphne Disaster’, ‘Steaming’, ‘The Steamie’ and ‘Party Suzie’. Film includes ‘A Small Piece of Paradise’ and ‘One Life Stand’.

John Winchester – John trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Theatre includes ‘Teechers’, ‘Where’s Ellie’, ‘Black Watch’, ‘Moby Dick: Inside the Belly of the Beast’, ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’, ‘Scrooge on The Farm’ and ‘Love’s Labours Lost’. Television includes ‘Once Upon a Crime’, ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’ and ‘Ha Ha Hairies’.

Tom Brogan – ‘Bossnappers’ is Tom’s fifth produced play. The others are ‘Odds and Sods’ (2009), Cinderella Boys (2011) (both written with Fraser Campbell), Great Lengths (2013) and Good Times Never Seemed So Good (2014). As an actor Tom appeared in the pilot and first series of the BBC sketch comedy ‘Limmy’s Show’.

WHAT’S ON MARCH 2015: Bossnappers by Tom Brogan plays this year’s Glasgow Comedy Festival

Following his success at last year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival, talented writer and actor Tom Brogan presents his new play Bossnappers at the CCA.

When the all-female workforce of Donachie’s Biscuit Factory discover their boss’ plans to move their work abroad they take inspiration from one of their favourite films and decide to keep him hostage until he changes his mind.

Bossnappers will be at:

CCA, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Sunday 22 March

Monday 23 March

Tuesday 24 March

at 19:30


More info: http://www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com/shows/1081


REVIEW: Star Stricken Double Bill – CCA, Glasgow

Presented as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Star Stricken a double bill of new comedy writing by Karen Barclay and Tom Brogan is certainly a bill of contrasts.

First up, Emily Entwistle by Karen Barclay pitches us headlong into the world of big business: a crisis has happened in an unnamed factory and corporate business solutions expert Elfrida (Frankie McEachen) is sent to sort the damage, with of course, less than successful results.

Heavy on the corporate speak (which considering the audience reaction was not a world we are as familiar with as the writer) and light on storyline and laughs, Barclay’s piece lacked cohesion and smacked a little of self-indulgence from the choice of heroines the play takes its name from to the I’m clever than you attitude which the writer seemed keen to demonstrate throughout. What did shine through was the talent of the actors, in particular Johanna Harper as Margo who deftly handled the machine-gun delivery of the complex dialogue, managing to raise what laughs there were to be had.

In contrast Tom Brogan‘s Good Times Never Seemed So Good is a sparkling little gem of a relationship tale set against the backdrop of the tribute act circuit.

Long-time loser with a big heart Mark (Paul Kozinski) has tried his hand at every daft scheme he can think of to make a living and girlfriend Laura is getting heartily sick of it: so she issues an ultimatum to pick something and stick with it, that something turns out to be a Neil Diamond tribute act. Despite no resemblance to the man in question and certainly filling the costumes slightly differently to Mr.Diamond, Mark soldiers on, climbing the ladder of success one slippery rung at a time. Just when he thinks it’s going to happen the ever-elusive big break remains out of reach. But what price fame? Is it worth losing the love of his life for?

Choc-full of laughs from start to finish this is a heart-warming little charmer. The references spot on the mark, completely relatable and met with roars of approval from the packed audience.

Ripe for TV adaptation hopefully it will have a life beyond the Comedy Festival and Brogan is certainly a name to watch for in the comedy writing world. A wee Scottish comedy gem.


REVIEW: Cryptic presents The Embassy – CCA, Glasgow


Conceived by Josh Armstrong, Cryptic’s new cross-art form experience invites audiences to indulge their senses and spend the night on foreign soil. The Embassy is a simulation of an envisioned future, through the lens of the Embassy of New Great Britain. The evening’s entertainment includes the performance of New Great Britain’s quintessential tribute, Requiem for a World – commissioned music from composer David Donaldson, scored for counter-tenor Steve Dugardin and Astrid String Quartet.

The aim of The Embassy is to fuse performance, live music, food and drink, offering its audience an immersive experience. It is, as it is no doubt intended to be, difficult to categorise. However there seem to have been a preponderance of interactive theatrical experiences recently and we are now at the point where one has to look much harder for the original rather than the derivative.

In design and execution The Embassy is much like an episode of Dr. Who but with none of the whimsical charm. There is much in the idea but it just doesn’t succeed in the execution. The evening doesn’t fuse together as a cohesive whole: the design and idea, rather than being futuristic just seemed dated and lacking in focus. The rather unrehearsed looking dancers lacked a stylistic vision and the “meal” of molecular gastronomy bits and bobs was lacking in taste and variety. On a positive note, the inventive drinks menu including pheromone cocktails was heartily embraced by the “guests”. The undoubted standout highlight of the evening though,  is the music by David Donaldson, sung by the astonishingly talented Steve Dugardin  and played by the Astrid String Quartet. Its stunning inventiveness and melodic beauty was mood altering.  There were tantalising glimpses of what the evening could have been – a clearer artistic vision and stronger direction could have made this much more than it was.