REVIEW: Octave, One…Two…Three…GLO – GLO Auditorium, Motherwell



Following their recent triumph at The Glasgow Music Festival where they were crowned Best in Class in the Mixed Voice Choir competition, Octave return for their third annual concert.

This is a musical ensemble that is almost impossible to find fault with, the entire group are worthy of the highest praise. The programme, by Musical Director David Fisher, is impeccably put together:  a well-judged mix of the familiar and the lesser known with a smattering of the unexpected thrown in for good measure. The narrative which threads the evening together is also an amusing and informative addition to the show.

The relationship between the singers and the warmth they have for one another, communicates itself well to the audience and the fastidious staging, specially created for the circular auditorium, ensures both the full engagement of the audience and full use of the excellent acoustics.

Octave richly deserve acclaim, not only for the quality of their glorious vocals, but also for the originality of their musical choices. On the basis of this concert their reputation as the best in their field remains unassailable.



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