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“I can guarantee this will be unlike any Sleeping Beauty you have seen before!” Lewis Hetherington

Platform return this Christmas (Tue 6 – Fri 23 Dec) with a brand-new production of Sleeping Beauty.

Family friendly and full of all the puns and all the fun, Sleeping Beauty takes place in ‘Mattress World’, where Big Jimmy is the King of Low Prices!  Jimmy likes to dress as Elvis to entertain the customers, but really, he’s doing it all for his daughter Beauty – just don’t call her that! She goes by B and likes nothing better than exploring the wild woods with her dog Rocket…

They seem to have everything sorted…until it emerges that an evil curse has been put on B – and life as the family know it is threatened. Will B, Big Jimmy or Rocket save the day in time for Christmas?

From playwright Lewis Hetherington and the creative team behind Mother Goose Fae Easterhoose­, expect jokes, songs and raucous storytelling as we get everyone in the festive spirit and ready for Christmas.

Writer Lewis Hetherington said: “I can guarantee this will be unlike any Sleeping Beauty you have seen before. I don’t want to give anything away… but my first thought was Beauty is this great dynamic young character, but often she spends the whole show asleep, and then some random prince turns up.

“I didn’t want that, so I found a whole new way to tell the story – you’ll have to come see it to find out what happens”. We have a brilliant cast, the set is great, and the whole show is full of jokes and surprises, and a really gripping new version of a well-loved story. It’ll make you feel full of festive joy and bring a bit of warmth and magic into this crazy old world. (Read the full interview with Lewis here).

Yolanda Mitchell (Holding/Holding On – National Theatre of Scotland & soon to be seen in Mayflies) takes on the role of Beauty, Irene Allan (Wilf & Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) joins us as Big Jimmy, Itxaso Moreno (The Time Machine) is Beauty’s dog Rocket and no Christmas show is complete without a villain as we welcome Jo Freer (The Steamie) as The Evil Queen. Directed by Matt Addicott.

With free parking, the Platform café bar and swimming pool and library all with The Bridge, there’s lots to see and do when visiting.

Tue 6 – Fri 23 Dec 2022 | Day & evening performances | all ages from 5yrs & up

Tickets from £5: www.platform-online.co.uk

REVIEW: Rocket Post – Platform, Easterhouse

The story of the Rocket Post (the subject of two films and this stage production) is a long-told but largely forgotten Scottish legend.

It’s July 1934 in the Western Isles and there’s a crowd gathered on a sandy beach to watch German scientist Gerhard Zucker. Zucker wants to connect the world and believes the future of communication is rockets, more specifically, rocket post. He chooses a 1600 metre flight path between the Isles of Harris and the (now) unpopulated Scarp to deliver his cargo. Zucker loads the letters, lights the fuse and… well, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty as it happens. The gunpowder fuelled rocket disintegrates into a hailstorm of singed paper confetti and he only has three days to fix it.

Revived from the original 2017 National Theatre of Scotland production, this utterly charming musical play aimed at children aged six plus, combines, to great effect: storytelling; puppetry; clever and captivating props, and a mix of songs old and new in German, Gaelic and English.

It is a story of hope and optimism, of faith in the future, traditional versus new, the status quo versus change, life at home or venturing into the big wide world as well as a subtle musing on the effect of technology that resonates down the years. Amid great scepticism and a little anti-German sentiment from the local population, Gerhard pursues his dream and along the way inspires local woman Bellag to see beyond her horizons.

The mark of success for this production is its ability to appeal to its wide-ranging audience. The smallest members are awe-struck at the storytelling and stage craft, and the writing is highly amusing and has a cleverness that has much to be appreciated by the adults. The cast (David Rankine, MJ Deans and Ailie Cohen) have a magnetism that draws you in and keeps you enthralled. Utterly, utterly charming, it leaves you with a feeling of warmth as you step out into the cold Autumn night.

Reviewed on 24 October 2022 and continues touring | Image: Contributed