FEATURE: Lift – A new musical album from Perfect Pitch

Featuring West End Performers: Louise Dearman, Michael Xavier, Jennifer Tierney, Paul Ayres, Julie Atherton and Jack Shalloo – LIFT the recording of a new British Musical by Craig Adams (featured on this blog last week) and Ian Watson has just been released by Perfect Pitch.

Eight people get in a LIFT at Covent Garden tube station on an ordinary morning. They   may be complete strangers, but in some way they are all connected and if they   reached out to one another they might just change their lives forever. The   journey of the lift takes just one minute – will they do something about it   today or will they choose to carry on being anonymous, walking off into the rush   and losing themselves once more in the city? LIFT is about   people and connections. The connections we have without knowing about them, the   connections we lose sight of and the connections we don’t mean to have.

Sample tracks and album available to buy here

FEATURE: Chris Thatcher – Jesus Chris Superstar

Another day and news of the release of another musical theatre performers album, however, this time there’s a twist: instead of the vocal showcase we are usually treated to, Jesus CHRIS Superstar is a collection of comedy musical theatre songs and sketches.

Thatcher’s theatre CV includes; playing Trekkie Monster in the current tour of Avenue Q, Witches of Eastwick, Our House, Starlight Express and Grease.

Featuring songs by O`Keefe & Benjamin (Legally Blonde), Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer – The Opera), Marx & Lopez (Avenue Q), comedian Stephen Lynch (The Wedding Singer) and America’s upcoming favorites Kooman & Dimond and Thomsan & Mann. The album also has songs by the latest British writing talent Alexander Bermange, Richard Beadle and Dougal Irvine.

1. Sensitive Song (from Cops)    

2. Cats Audition    

3. I’m In Love    

4. Love Song    

5. If You Were Gay (from Avenue Q)    

6. Job Offer    

7. I’ll Always Be The Understudy    

8. Sex    

9. Lullaby    

10. Get Up And Go    

11. In Short (from Edges)    

12. Thatcher’s Audition    

13. The Morning After You Do It    

14. Swearing    

15. Sensitive Male Best Friend    

16. Advice    

17. Chips Lament (from Spelling Bee)    

18. Crazy For The Musicals    

19. Somebody Kill Me (from Wedding Singer)    

20. To Excess    

21. Rainbow Connection (from The Muppet Movie

Buy it here;

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FEATURE: Jon Boydon – Three Four

I had no idea until a few days ago that the voice that has graced West End musicalsJersey Boys and We Will Rock You John Boydon had released his long contemplated debut album. Three Four is a collection of classic songs (and the self-penned Fallen Angel) that aims to shake, rattle and roll you with tracks such as Love Potion No. 9, Hallelujah I Love Her So and Poison Ivy.

This is a blues/rock based album which suits Boydon’s voice perfectly and he doesn’t make the common mistake of picking a musical genre which will alienate his musical theatre fans. This is an album of well-known, good old fashioned toe-tappers which will appeal to the widest audience. Well worth a listen and if you get the chance to see Boydon as Tommy DeVito in Jersey Boys at The Prince Edward Theatre jump at it.

FEATURE: John Owen-Jones – Unmasked the album

Award winning performer and West-End leading man John Owen-Jones has just released his second album ‘Unmasked’ for Sain Records. The album contains songs from all over the musical theatre world and a few, less expected feature tracks like the power-house cover of Tom Jones’ Thunderball and Bad Finger’s Without You – made famous by Harry Nilsson.

Owen-Jones has one of the best voices in musical theatre: it has wonderful clarity as well as power and he is one of the few performers who, when he goes for the big moment in a song you can trust 100% he’ll hit it. The highlights for me are; Thunderball, This is the Moment, Being Alive and Down To The Sea.


Nature Boy featured in Moulin Rouge


This is the Moment  from Jeckyll and Hyde

Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera

Til’ I Hear You Sing from Love Never Dies

All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera

Being Alive from Company

I Don’t Remember You/Sometimes A Day Goes By from As The World Goes Round

Down to the Sea from Kristina

Somewhere from West Side Story

Without You

Love of my Life

Bring Him Home from Les Miserables


This is an album of great quality by one of musical theatre’s best leading men. It showcases Owen-Jones’ talents and allows us to hear what he can do free from the two shows he is most associated with – The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. The tracks from those which he sings here, are done so with a beautiful clarity, emotion and power – I personally would love to see him in another headline role but for the moment I will have to be content with this excellent album and seeing him in Phantom when it comes to Edinburgh in September.

Buy it here;

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FEATURE: Ramin Karimloo – Ramin the album

Ramin Karimloo is another golden boy of musical theatre (and is certainly one of its most highly regarded leading men), who has released an album this month. Ramin is a pop-rock inspired album which reflects Karimloo’s desire to broaden his horizons and be seen as something other than just a West End leading man.

In this album he showcases a variety of genres from pop-rock in the single Coming Home to a cover of Muse’s Guiding Light. I won’t question the taste levels of including Bryan Adams Everything I Do (I Do It for You) though -we’ll write it off as paying homage to a fellow Canadian!

Musical theatre fans are treated to “popped up” versions of Music of the Nightand Karimloo’s piece de resistancefrom Love Never Dies – Til’ I Hear You Sing. Neither matches the original musical theatre versions though, and I think anyone listening to this who hasn’t heard him at full tilt won’t appreciate what an amazing voice he has.

You can’t question the quality of Karimloo’s voice or the production of the album, but it’s a bit of a mixed bag for me – not wholly pop or wholly musical theatre and as a result it’s a wishy-washy mix of the two which doesn’t do him justice. I think if he really wanted to break the shackles of his theatre background he might have been better served releasing an album with the band Sheytoons he has with best buddy Hadley Fraser, their music, though not exactly i-tunes chart material at least has a clearly defined identity. All in all, an opportunity missed and it’s a pity.

FEATURE: Julian Ovenden – If You Stay

Julian Ovenden’s newly released debut album If You Stay is a mix of popular easy listening classics which showcase his vocal skills, that outside of the musical theatre world will be pretty much unknown.

We know Ovenden best from the TV series Foyle’s War, in which he plays the pilot son of Michael Kitchen’s Inspector Foyle and many (females) will remember him as a Diet Coke hunk. But Ovenden is no stranger to the singing world, having been a choral scholar at Oxford and leading man in a variety of West End and Broadway productions.

In autumn he embarks on a tour with The John Wilson Orchestra and is rumoured to be starring as J.M. Barrie in a new musical Finding Neverland about which the rumour mill has gone into overdrive as his possible co-star is whispered to be Gwyneth Paltrow.

“It Hurts to Say Goodbye” “The Last Waltz” “Woman to Man” “If You Go  Away” “Stay” “I’m Not Coming Home” “Up, Up and Away” “When She Loved  Me” “In a Broken Dream” “Ten Thousand Miles” “Just to See Each Other  Again” “Something Better” “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy”

(You can hear him sing live here in Glasgow with The John Wilson Orchestra on the 24th October.)