Gregory’s Girl 4K restoration screening with original cast at the GFT

Initially released in 1980, Gregory’s Girl, Bill Forsyth’s BAFTA Award-winning coming-of-age romantic comedy is a treasured piece of Scottish cinema history.

It is a realistic and embarrassingly familiar portrait of teenage life in Scotland and the romantic tribulations of Gregory Underwood and his rag-bag collection of school pals.

It is now 43 years since the movie launched the careers of John Gordon Sinclair and Clare Grogan and a whole host of others both in front and behind the camera and it’s here at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) for a celebration of its restoration by the BFI with its cast.

The beloved film, which launched the entire Scottish film industry has influenced Wes Anderson, Shane Meadows and is one of Martin Scorsese’s favourite films of all time. There could be no higher praise.

An emotional night for the cast, indeed Grogan confesses it’s only the second time she has watched the film from start to end, many of the others couldn’t bear to watch themselves on screen. The cast rightfully laud director Forsyth, his kind and encouraging personality and his abilities as a genius film maker, coaching perfect performances from these kids from Glasgow Youth Theatre.

Unlike previous portrayals of life in Scotland, this is a reflection of articulate, funny, kind, real and typical teens of the time. It is clever, gentle and absolutely irresistible even after all these years. It has truly stood the test of time. A cinematic gem.

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