REVIEW: Unbecoming – Platform, Easterhouse

Unbecoming is an unravelling happening before our eyes. A solo tour-de-force from Anna Porubcansky, it is billed as a work about “loss and rage told by a woman and mother.”

Sucked into a vortex of fears, fears that bombard a woman, a wife and a mother and how those fears prevent you from becoming what you long and want to be, instead leading to your unbecoming.

There is much to relate to here, Porubansky cleverly weaves the narrative in an hypnotic way, using beautiful, crystal-clear vocals in a traditional song, mesmeric movement, jarring interludes and looping and layering of sounds to ultimately create an original and entrancing performance that highlights difficult subject matter. Sensitively tackled, I look forward to what comes next from Porubcansky.