WHAT’S ON MARCH: Terceira Pessoa will present the UK premiere of Common Sense at The Tron

Ground-breaking Portuguese company Terceira Pessoa will present the UK premiere of Common Sense as part of The Tron’s Spring season of work from THU 26 – SAT 28 MAR, 8PM. This dynamic, multidisciplinary production (performed in English) has already been performed in Germany and Belgium.

Common Sense – a vague recollection of a show is a poetic and visual work, where the audience embarks upon a journey with a writer as a new work is created in front of their eyes. Playing with ideas of the memorable and theatrical, it asks questions of theatre being commonplace and transmissible, and through its humour and boldness, playfully interrogates the theatrical experience itself.

This is far from a sombre, reflective piece. Expect actions, hesitations and mistakes which are then corrected. We go back to previous pages in the middle of a sentence; we scroll up and down; the mouse of the computer becomes alive… And all of this brings the question: is this real or fiction?

Co-creator Ana Gil says:  “We like to think about the play as an accident, something that happens that is unexpected. We like to think about the show as something that happens in the middle of something in our life… something that catches you, that holds you in a thought, and all you bring back home with you is just the metastases of the show you just watched”.

Contrary to the fixed nature of poetry, the text of the show effectively evaporates over time…. What is left is the memory of what we have seen- a vague recollection of a show.