WHAT’S ON FEBRUARY: Baby Face at Tron Theatre


THU 7 – SAT 9 FEB, 8PM  – TRON THEATRE, Glasgow

Hey Baby! Returning from her hit success at The Edinburgh Fringe, award-winning performance artist, Katy Dye, presents her show about the infantilization of women.

Welcome to a world of knee socks, bunches, lollipops, bubblegum and models adopting the childlike expressions of six-year-old girls. Paedophilia is not OK yet fetishised images of women as prepubescent girls are. In this brave and outlandish performance, a grown woman attempts to be your baby to discover if innocence really is as sexy as we’re told it is. Winner of The Autopsy Award and Lustrum Award 2018.

In Baby Face the audience enter a strange world, where a grown woman transforms from adult, to teenager, to toddler, to baby. She dresses in a school uniform and performs Britney’s iconic routine. She squeezes herself into a clingy top printed with cartoons – meant for a child or a grown woman? In a pristine white, sparse set, using minimal costumes and a baby’s high chair, she navigates the uncomfortable line between wanting to be cared for and being infantilised. A soundtrack of bubblegum pop and drone rock feature heavily. In a cloud of talcum powder and haze, strange mixed messages hang in the air. Baby Face is an exposure of our contradictory society when it comes to women’s bodies and how they are treated.

Katy Dye comments: “We live in a world where we are frequently exposed to images of women who are made to look like little girls. As an adult who has physical childlike attributes, I was interested in becoming the infantilised images I have seen throughout my life, to find out the physical and emotional impact of this. The show blends performance art, dance and visually striking performance to ask difficult questions about the moral conscience of society.”

Running Time: 50 minutes