NEWS: New site WeAudition offers actors an innovative way to rehearse and audition

Actors and performers can benefit from one-on-one career advice from industry professionals, audition or take general meetings with casting directors and agents with new site Casting Directors, Producers, Agents & Managers can also create a video room to meet actors and record auditions. Private invite or open calls, all with superior video quality.


  • Rehearse though video chat with other actors around the world on demand
  • Record your self-tapes with a video partner
  • Submit to auditions and general meetings
  • Get career advice, one-on-one from industry professionals
  • Superior video quality, no downloads needed
  • Earn money by rehearsing with and coaching other actors
  • Save time and money not traveling to auditions and rehearsals
  • Network with other professional working actors


  • Use easily with your preferred submissions service
  • Record, save and send best takes
  • Superior video quality, no downloads needed
  • Direct and interact with actors
  • Fast, efficient waiting room system
  • Great for pre-reads or location casting

Glasgow Theatre Blog is offering a discount code for the site.

Using the code: GTB25 , Glasgow Theatre Blog Readers can receive a huge 25% discount.

Visit for more info and check out @WeAudition on Twitter