NEWS: New children’s show touring Scotland, W-hat About?

A Dundee Dance company has created a new children’s theatre show in response to the International uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Fuora Dance Project, founded in 2014 by two Dundee based Italian dancers, decided to combat the negativity experienced around the vote on the 23rd of June 2016, with creativity.

The company’s artistic director, Giulia Montalbano explains, ‘Having lived in the UK for nearly 10 years and Dundee for 6, my husband, my family and I have had the most incredible time here.  However, when people started talking about the Brexit vote, my future here began to feel uncertain and with the outcome of the vote, I questioned whether I was actually welcome here’

The company however decided not to be brought down by this feeling and created something that celebrates international ties instead.   Fuora Dance Project developed, W-hat About?, the story of what happens when a Scottish Grandfather meets his estranged Italian Granddaughters for the first time since they were babies.

Montalbano says, ‘At Fuora Dance Project, we try to create work where it’s intergenerational enjoyment is important to us.  We want grandparents, parents and children to all come and see our work and take something away.  When my family would visit me in Scotland I began to notice the fascinating cultural and language differences and how with humour, welcoming and understanding these were overcome.  We knew that we wanted to make a show that celebrates this’

In W-hat About?, Azzurra and Alessandra use Italian and movement to communicate with grandfather Robert while he exchanges with them in English resulting in misunderstandings a plenty but somehow they are able to laugh and understand each other.

Montalbano says, ‘When I first moved to Scotland, my landlord kept saying ‘Aye’ as in yes…I had never heard this before and I thought he was saying ‘Hi’.   So, every time he said, ‘Aye’ to me I would smile and say, ‘Hi’ back…we were both suitably confused.  It was out of these miscommunications that the idea for W-hat About? appeared.

The show, aimed at children 4+, will tour Scotland in the winter of 2018/19 going to Easterhouse, Cumbernauld, Musselburgh, Peebles, Arran, Kirkcaldy, Lochgelly, Pitlochry, Dundee, Galashiels and Tobermory.

Montalbano says, ‘We are so pleased to be taking our work to communities across Scotland we have never been to.  It is a beautiful show that I’m sure families all around will enjoy, we can’t wait for you to see it’

About W-hat About?

Robert, a Scottish hatmaker is waiting on the arrival of his estranged Italian granddaughters, Alessandra and Azzurra.  The last time they were in Scotland they were babies and soon after their mother, his daughter, passed away.  The girls are teenagers now and coming to visit him in Scotland for the first time since they were young.  With his daughter/their mother no longer there to translate, the three have to find a way to communicate and understand one another to make this a trip they will never forget.


Tour Dates

Borders College, Galashiels                        Sat 22 September at 2.30pm                                                      

Lochgelly Centre, Lochgelly                       Sat 6 October at 2.30pm        

Dundee Rep Theatre, Dundee                    Fri 12 October at 11am & 2pm

Platform Theatre, Glasgow                         Sat 13 October at 2pm

Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy                 Sat 19 October at 2.30pm

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh                  Fri 26 October at 2.30pm

Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry         Sun 4 November at 2pm

Arran High School Theatre, Arran             Tue 6 November at 10.30am

Mull Theatre, Tobermory                            Sat 19 January at 2pm

Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld       Sat 2 February at 2pm

Eastgate Theatre, Peebles                         Sat 9 February at 2pm