NEWS: World Cup meets Jazz improv – From Russia with Jazz at Platform, Easterhouse

From Russia With Jazz is presented by Platform and Goethe-Institut as part of the Glasgow Jazz Festival

As World Cup fever hits Platform, Platform in Easterhouse are excited to be hosting From Russia With Jazz, a unique evening celebrating jazz and football as part of the Glasgow Jazz Festival.

During a live screening of the Germany vs Sweden World Cup match in the auditorium, members of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra will be teaming up against some of Germany’s finest improvising musicians. The teams will improvise live jazz to the action as it takes place on screen.

Raymond MacDonald, Una MacGlone, Maria Donohue, Sam Beagles and Mike Parr-Burman from GIO will be performing opposite great jazz musicians from Germany, including renowned double bass player Alois Kott, fabulous wunderkind drummer Christian Lillinger alongside DJ IllVibe (Vincent von Schlippenbach).

The German musicians will play as Germany and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra will play as Sweden with DJ IllVibe taking on the role of referee using sound bites and mixing in the original Russian TV commentary.

Platform’s music programmer Alun Woodward says:“From Russia with Jazz will create a musical focus on the physical, technical and elegance of the match producing a distinctively different experience for the audience. We’ll hear how the musicians interpret the passages of play, coax, compete, tackle and score. I also can’t wait to hear how they communicate their displeasure at the referee.”

Expect a night of surprising musical moves, grooves and the occasional red card!