NEWS: Grid Iron present world premiere of South Bend at Edinburgh Fringe 2018

In 2006 Martin McCormick flew across the Atlantic to be reunited with a woman he had fallen passionately in love with. But in the four months of their absence she had changed. Changed her hair colour. Her body shape, her address. And almost as soon as he’s arrived he’s on the road again, penniless and hallucinating.

South Bend muses on journeys, on the dusty road, on long-distance love dissolving into the pixilated blur of Skype, on the vast distances of the Atlantic Ocean and the American continent and of men and women separated by a common language.

 “Strangers would buy you drinks in bars because, ‘Hey, are you Scottish?  This guy’s Scottish!  Everyone!  EVERYONE! LISTEN UP!  This guy is Scottish.  That’s awesome, man. Lemme buy you a drink dude.  My last name is McDonnell!!”

“That’s actually Irish, but I’ll have a bottle of Corona thanks…”

Performed by Martin McCormick and Jess Chanliau, who plays all the other parts, and underscored by the live foley artist David Pollock, South Bend is a road movie for the stage – of hope, of love, of Eddie Izzard and an AIDS blanket. Of a small country and a vast one…of a good Samaritan and a relationship gone bad…


1 – 27 Aug               Gilded Balloon at the Museum –
31 Aug & 1 Sept     Byre Theatre, St Andrews –
4 Sept                      Paisley Arts Centre –
7 – 8 Sept                Eden Court Theatre, Inverness –

11 – 12 Sept            Lemon Tree, Aberdeen –

14 – 15 Sept            Cumbernauld Theatre –

19 – 22 Sept            Tron Theatre, Glasgow –

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