WHAT’S ON APRIL: Company of Wolves presents Unbecoming – part theatre show, part live gig, this new piece focuses on women and individual, group and societal expectation, obligation and desire

Scottish Theatre makers Company of Wolves premiere this new cross disciplinary solo work from Anna Porubcansky presented through song, movement and text. Part theatre show, part music gig, Unbecoming is an invitation to a private world, a unique and delicate space where pretence slips away.

The second of the company’s 2018 productions, Unbecoming invites audiences into the twisting corridors of a woman’s mind. Private, gritty, surreal, this piece uses traditional song, ethereal vocal soundscapes, myth, and dynamic movement to peel back the layers of expectation, obligation, and desire to look at what is left underneath.

Anna Porubcansky said of Unbecoming: “This project started when I became a mother. It was in its most simple form an attempt for me to understand how love and rage, two very consuming emotions, could simultaneously course through my body.

“I read Sylvia Plath, Anais Nin, Pauline Reage. I listened to lullabies and laments, heavy metal and riot grrl punk. I sought the sensuous, the angry, the compassionate.

“I am a woman, and now I am a mother. That is my lens. We are living in a time where the everyday reality of what women have had to put up with for centuries is starting to be talked about. We need to talk about it more. We need to slip into the dark corners of the feminine psyche and feel what it’s like to live there. No more hiding, no more pretty smiles, no more grin and bear it.

Unbecoming is a scream from the ether.”

Friday 20 and Saturday 21 April 2018

Cumbernauld Theatre, Kildrum, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, G67 2BN

7.30pm | £8

www.cumbernauldtheatre.co.uk | Box office: 01236 732887

Saturday 28 April 2018

Platform (as part of Outskirts Festival), 1000 Westerhouse Rd, Glasgow G34 9JW

3.30pm – 11pm | £10 (£7.50) concession (Full Day Festival times and ticket)

www.platform-online.co.uk | Box office: 0141 276 9696

Thursday 31 May – Saturday 2 June 2018

Hidden Door Festival, Leith, Edinburgh (Old State Cinema)

7pm on 31 May | 7:15pm on 1 June | 9pm on 2 June | £16 / £13 concession for Evening Festival Ticket from 6pm-midnight or £24 (£20) conc for Whole Night Ticket from 6pm-3am

www.hiddendoorblog.org | Box office: http://hiddendoorblog.org/tickets/

Friday 15 June 2018

The Barn, Burn O Bennie, Banchory, AB31 5QA

7.30pm | £8 (£5) concession in advance

www.thebarnarts.co.uk/ |  Box office: 01330 825431

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Beacon Arts Centre, Custom House Quay, Greenock, PA15 1EQ

7.30pm | £8 (£5) conc

http://beaconartscentre.co.uk/events/  |  Box office: 01475 723723