NEWS: Murder mystery theatre company Tentpeg Murderers celebrate 20th anniversary.

For twenty years The Tentpeg Murderers have been delivering hilarious, accessible, high quality events across Scotland.

With many adventures along the way, over 600 performances for well over 20,000 guests, at over 200 venues. From front rooms to church halls to hotel chains to castles. They’ve had the privilege of performing at some of the most beautiful buildings in Scotland – Skibo, Gleneagles, Cromlix House, Mar Hall, Fasque Castle, Dundas Castle, Dalhousie Castle, The Corinthian Club and Cameron House to name a few. They’ve performed over 40 scripts, sometimes in French.

They have a murder mystery for every event you can think of Burn’s Night, Valentines, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas, or a traditional evening.

To find out more visit: and you can even solve a wee mystery for yourself.

Email at or speak to Stephen direct on 07963 435 130.