INTERVIEW: Paul Grant-Reason on playing his idol George Michael

The winner of 2017 ‘Best Male Tribute Act’ is set to appear as George Michael after 18 years of performing as Robbie Williams – and his show comes to Glasgow in November.

Award-winning performer Paul Grant-Reason will play his personal icon George Michael in the UK tour of ‘Beyond Faith’, celebrating 30 years of FAITH, which launched George’s incredible solo career. Glasgow Theatre Blog had the chance to talk to Paul about the show.

The show is coming to Glasgow’s Eastwood Park Theatre on 17th November 2017 and will take you back to ‘Wham Days’ and ‘Beyond FAITH’ to all the incredible number ones from George’s later catalogue. A real must for all George fans, bringing the passion and energy of George in the 80s and beyond, that made him such a loved, global megastar.

Tickets are priced at £22.50 and if you bring a group of ten people, one person can go free. Available now:

Why do you think George’s music still has such an enduring appeal?

He was just born with an incredible gift for melody. Even the early Wham songs that were viewed as throw away, fun pop at the time are seen as classics. He continued to write and produce songs that both touch people and make them want to dance – a rare talent .

How long has it taken for you to perfect your portrayal of George.

My career started professionally in the same year that Faith was released. I was massively influenced by George then, and we covered many of his songs at the time. Although I’ve been involved with paying tribute to other artistes over the years, George has always been my biggest influence as a singer. I guess I’ve spent all of my professional life studying him and finally putting a show on to celebrate his legacy has been a life’s dream. Hard work, but a real joy to keep this music out there for fans like me.

Tell us what we can expect from the show?

We have an incredible band and singers, visuals from his long career and all his biggest hits. I myself aim to capture the late 80s George, but the show takes a loving and fun look at his whole, incredible legacy.

Do you find audiences differ as you travel around the country? 

Depends on the venue, but out job is to bring people what they want. We are lucky that if people are coming to see us, they want what we want: to celebrate this great icon and his music. That travels as a feeling wherever you go.

How do you keep the show fresh when you’re touring?

We keep a similar formula but swap the odd song around. We all love to play and perform and this music is a real gift. It’s so good to perform that we are always on 110% and we feed off the crowds reacting to the songs they love.

What’s your personal favourite song to perform?

It varies from night to night. Praying For Time would have to be up there as a powerful song that’s great to sing and a timeless message .

What song gets the biggest reaction every night?

With so many classics it’s hard to say. You struggle to beat the buzz of a Wham song though.

What’s next for 2017 and beyond?

We’re are enjoying seeing the amount of love there was for George and his music. He knew how much his fans loved him in his life and he is very missed by myself and millions of others. We will play this music with the passion and attention to detail that has taken so much work and deliver a fitting and fun tribute to our hero, George Michael.

At Eastwood Park Theatre on 17th November 2017 ticket details above.