BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MAD PROPS: Soho Cinders cast spotlight interviews: Stuart Taylor playing James Prince

Firstly, tell us about Soho Cinders and what people can expect.

All the bustle of the capital explodes through hugely energetic songs; hearts melt and ache at the most exclusive party in town – luckily we can get you on the guest list.

Tell us about your role.

James Prince is running for mayor on a campaign of honesty, but this Charming politician has a secret that begins to spin out of control.

How are rehearsals going?

Really well! A phenomenal cast and crew makes the hard work a lot of fun.

Do you have a background in performance?

My background is mainly choral – from classical opera in the national youth choir to contemporary pop in Glasgow’s Connect Choir.

How did you get involved with Mad Props?

I came to their Scottish Premiere production of Carrie and was blown away by the performance: especially of Sissy Spacek (aka Louise Creechan) who persauded me to audition.

Why should people come along to see the show?

One word: speedos…