BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MAD PROPS: Soho Cinders cast spotlight interviews: Jon Cuthbertson playing William George

Firstly, tell us about Soho Cinders and what people can expect.

Soho Cinders is a fabulously fun show. It has brilliant music and very quirky take on the original Cinderella story. Set in the vibrant Soho area of London, it covers many aspects of life, from Lap Dancing Ugly Sisters, a gay male Cinderella (Robbie), his married politician lover and a whole host of colourful characters with a brilliantly witty score which has some fantastic tunes in it too.

Tell us about your role.

I play William who is actually a bit of a nasty character. He’s a political advisor who is basically out for his own gain – think Cyrus Beene from Scandal, except with less morals! It’s a great part as I basically just get to sneer at everyone and stride about. He also has some brilliant songs in the show which are great fun.

How are rehearsals going?

Rehearsals are great fun – as it’s such a small cast everyone mucks in to help out, so if anyone is missing during choreography rehearsals someone always steps up to stand in (including our rather mad director Sarah!). The production team are really supportive and have such passion that it really does motivate everyone to do their best

Do you have a background in performance?

I’ve been performing since a very young age (not that I’m actually that old!) however the last few years I’ve been directing and not really been on the stage much. It takes an interesting project to draw me back on to the stage and this show definitely appealed to my sense of humour.

How did you get involved with Mad Props?

I had been aware of the company as I am friendly with someone who had been in their cast before, so had come along to their fabulous Musical Theatre Quiz. I was really impressed with the performances on the night too and the parodies they had created had me in fits of laughter. My friend had auditioned for the show and they hadn’t managed to cast the role of William so she messaged me to say I should audition for it – and here I am, absolutely loving the experience

Why should people come along to see the show?

The show is one that is very rarely performed and is one that really deserves to be seen. The music is great (Stiles and Drewe) and the script is really witty. It’s a modern show and the laughs just from the topical stuff have had the cast in stitches! The production team are also trying to wangle a surprise in the cast too….so if you don’t get along, you’ll never know what you’ve missed!