BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MAD PROPS: Soho Cinders cast spotlight interviews: Joe Smyth playing Lord Bellingham

Firstly, tell us about Soho Cinders and what people can expect.

A classic tale showcased with modern themes. It’s all singing, all dancing and as boisterous as you’d expect from Soho!

Tell us about your role.

Lord Bellingham isn’t one of the good guys, that’s for sure.  He has his own personal agenda and will do what it takes to get his own way both personally and professionally.

How are rehearsals going?

Rehearsals are honestly a right good laugh! The songs are sounding great with all the harmonies and the dancing is sure giving me a workout. Everything is slotting together just nicely.

Do you have a background in performance?

I was performed in some shows whilst at school but this is my first acting performance since then. Usually I tend to be on the production team so this certainly has been quite an experience for me.

How did you get involved with Mad Props?

I attended the very first Mad Props show which was Spelling Bee – one of my favourites. Since then, I’ve attended most of their shows and quiz nights and just had to be part of Soho Cinders when I knew it was the next project.

Why should people come along to see the show?

The show highlights some key LGBT issues in ways that are more relatable to a wider audience. The songs are catchy with a great cast and team behind it!