WHAT’S ON NOVEMBER: Our Fathers part of Tron Autumn season

OUR FATHERS will be part of Tron Theatre’s autumn season. A co-production between Magnetic North and Traverse Theatre Company, OUR FATHERS is a new play by award-winning playwright Rob Drummond and Nicholas Bone, artistic director of Magnetic North, directed by Nicholas Bone and Ian Cameron.

The play is inspired by Edmund Gosse’s 1907 book Father and Son, which tells the story of Gosse’s upbringing as the only child of evangelical Christians in Victorian England, and his growing realisation that he did not share their religious faith. Both Drummond and Bone are the atheist children of clergymen, and bring their contemporary perspective and experiences to the story.

This new production is the first co-production between the two Edinburgh-based companies and is also the first time Rob Drummond –writer of Grain in the Blood– has worked with Magnetic North. Nicholas Bone, the company’s Artistic Director, will appear in a Magnetic North production for the first time and, in a reversal of roles, Ian Cameron – who performed in Magnetic North’s award-winning A Walk at the Edge of the World in 2014 – will be co-director. Cameron most recently worked on the hugely successful and award-winning Black Beauty.

As the performance unfolds, weaving together Edmund Gosse’s story with those of Bone and Drummond, the audience will also be invited to contribute – given the opportunity to comment on the story and talk about experiences of their own in dialogue with the performers. Bone and Drummond will also be available before the show at each venue to meet audiences and chat about their experiences of family relationships.

Rob Drummond, writer/performer and Traverse Associate Artist, says:
‘This is a deeply personal play for both Nick and myself. In adapting this book for the stage we have found it necessary to talk about our own relationships with our fathers and reminisce about our religious upbringings. I am now an atheist. My father is decidedly not. How do we respect people who we disagree with? Are there certain things that should simply remain unspoken’

Nicholas Bone, writer/performer and Magnetic North Artistic Director, says:
‘As we’ve worked on Our Fathers we’ve become very interested in how people talk to each other, and maintain a relationship with each other, when they disagree strongly. In today’s world of political discourse, 24-hour news and conversations over social media, this theme has considerable contemporary resonance.’

With design by Karen Tennent, music by Scott Twynholm, and lighting by Simon Wilkinson, OUR FATHERS is set to be a playful, personal and fascinating exploration of faith and family ties in the 21st century.

Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HB

Dates: WED 1 – SAT 4 NOVEMBER, 7.45pm (THU 2 NOV BSL)

Tickets: £11-£17

Box Office: 0141 552 4267 or http://www.tron.co.uk