WHAT’S ON NOVEMBER: Butterfly and Out of the Bad Two one-act plays on the Caterpillar Factory closure

caterpillar factory occupation

Butterfly and Out of the Bad Two one-act plays Thursday 02 November, 7.30pm at Eastwood Park Theatre

In January 1987 the management of the Caterpillar factory in Uddingston announced the factory was to close. Butterfly and Out of the Bad focus on the effect the closure had on those who worked in the factory and lived in the local community.  Two one-act plays, performed together; Butterfly is Act 1, Out of the Bad is Act 2

It’s March 1987 and Jamie Cassidy is facing redundancy.  And if this isn’t bad enough he makes a life shattering discovery which has driven him to despair.  In an attempt to get away from everything, Jamie climbs the factory’s water tower.  However, he soon discovers he’s not alone…or the only one with problems.  Butterfly is a black comedy dealing with complicated lives, loves and buried secrets.

In Out of the Bad Mary has the hangover from hell.  The last thing she needs is her daughter Danni to come round uninvited with bad news.  But Mary soon becomes determined that Danni should know her heritage.  As she reminisces she soon realises the factory closure may not have been the disaster it was in 1987…and life must go on.


  • Standard £15
  • Concession £13