NEWS: Four acclaimed productions for children to tour primary schools in autumn

Four acclaimed productions for children to tour primary schools Scotland-wide in autumn 2017 and spring 2018 as part of pilot project’s second year.

Theatre in Schools Scotland was launched as a three year pilot project in 2016, to resounding positivity at its endeavour to create and test a touring and producing model that could ultimately bring one piece of high quality theatre to every schoolchild in Scotland, each year.

Theatre in Schools Scotland has been developed by Imaginate, the national organisation in Scotland which promotes, develops and celebrates theatre and dance for children and young people and the National Theatre of Scotland, in partnership with leading performing arts companies/organisations for children and young people; Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Visible Fictions and Starcatchers.

In 2016, Theatre in Schools Scotland saw Catherine Wheels’ Martha and Visible Fictions’ Shopping for Shoes tour to 60 primary schools across 26 local authorities. The first pilot year was supported by regional partners and local authorities as well as receiving sponsorship from The Scottish Salmon Company and Arts & Business Scotland.

For 2017/18, Theatre in Schools Scotland will build on the strong programme of work and touring infrastructure established in the first year of the pilot and is introducing a year-long rolling programme of touring shows for Scottish primary schools.

In autumn 2017 Theatre in Schools Scotland will tour Up to Speed, created by Rosalind Sydney, in association with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company for pupils from P3 – P5. Theatre in Schools Scotland will also tour Visible Fictions’  Jason and the Argonauts to P6 and P7 pupils and Catherine Wheels’ production of The Story of The Little Gentleman to classes from P1 – P4.   Performances for these shows will run from August 28th to 3rd November 2017.

 In early 2018, Theatre in Schools Scotland presents How to Fix a Broken Wing, a new play from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, created by Pete Collins. This production will be shared with P 4 – P7 pupils and performances will run from 5th February to 30th March 2018.

As a new development to the touring model, Theatre in Schools Scotland is offering a commission for an existing work by a Scotland based artist or company, to tour in the autumn of 2018. This production will be supported by the network and selected through an Open Call process.  Full details on the call-out, application details and deadlines are available on the Theatre in Schools Scotland website.

Theatre in Schools Scotland is launching a new dedicated website, providing production and school booking information alongside teacher’s resources.

This year’s Theatre in Schools Scotland tour is expected to extend its capacity, performing to around  20,000 children and teachers at primary schools throughout Scotland from Shetland to the Scottish Borders.  Schools can still get involved in Theatre in Schools Scotland’s autumn tour, and if interested in booking a performance should check the website for more details or contact

In addition to the performances, the initiative will also develop and encourage teacher engagement through ongoing CPD events and consultations.

Theatre in Schools Scotland Shows Autumn 2017 to Spring 2018:

Rosalind Sydney in association with Catherine Wheels presents Up to Speed created by Rosalind Sydney with Laurie Brown. A funny, moving captivating tale about a boy and a girl, Barnaby and Jade, and what it’s like to be the odd one out.  Have you ever met a person who is a little unusual? Someone whose mind seems to work a bit differently? Who surprises you? Who is funny and also fun to laugh at? That’s what Barnaby is like. Jade has marvelled and laughed at him, been surprised and confused by him. But he has also made her feel small. And she knows exactly how to get him back…

Up To Speed was originally commissioned by Imaginate, previewing at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow  in April 2014 and touring before premiering at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Imaginate Festival 2014. It has since toured to Glasgow, Dublin and Galway.

Visible Fictions presents Jason and the Argonauts, written by Robert Forrest. A quirky, funny and exciting tale which takes the audience on a fantastic journey. Jason’s uncle isn’t exactly lovable…he’s murdered his brother (the king) and stolen the crown and now no one dares stand up to him. Things are about to get a major shakeup though because Jason is BACK! After being banished as a baby, our wannabe hero returns to claim his rightful throne and make some big changes.

2017 will mark Jason and the Argonauts’ 11th year of touring. After the show’s premiere at Paisley Arts Centre , it has gone on to tour all over Scotland and  the world including presentations at the Sydney Opera House, The New Victory on Broadway  and in Canada, America and Ireland.

Catherine Wheels Theatre Company presents The Story of the Little Gentleman, based on the book by Babro Lindgren. An energetic two-hander and a playful celebration of friendship and acceptance. The Little Gentleman thinks he will live a sad and lonely life forever…until one day he is woken up by a curious dog who just wants to play.The Story of the Little Gentleman was shortlisted for a Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland for Best Production for Children and Young People 2017.

Catherine Wheels Theatre Company presents How to Fix a Broken Wing.  Inspired by a Japanese folk tale, this new Catherine Wheels show for schools tells the story of a crane bird with an arrow through its wing, a lonely engineer with a fear of flying and a lost girl who gives an extraordinary gift when she becomes a guest in the engineer’s home.