FEATURE: Glasgow publisher champions Scottish plays

Established in 1832, and more famous as a nautical publisher, Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd, also have a range of Scottish plays in their catalogue.

One of which, False Widows by Rebecca Bond, is a hark back to another era in style as well as setting, an old-fashioned farce, it seems set to become a favourite with amateur dramatic companies.

It’s 1955 and Roland Ayre, Earl of Dunshire, has passed away, but at his funeral, his family find out he’s not quite the man they thought he was. In the 48 hours that follow, Heathersett House is turned into a battleground as his family goes head to head over the inheritance – but things take a very strange and unexpected turn.

There are comedies, romantic dramas, biography and pantomime available and a full catalogue can be obtained from:

Brown, Son and Ferguson, Ltd.,4 – 10

4 – 10 Darnley Street


More information can be found at: http://www.scottishplays.co.uk