FEATURE: TourDigs – A new way to reserve digs for theatre professionals

TourDigs is a new way to reserve digs for those in the touring theatre profession.

The website was launched at the end of February and the TourDigs team have provided the beginnings of the website/app and are asking those that provide theatre digs and those looking for digs to join the community and help to continue to build the system together.

The team at TourDigs have already implemented a number of suggestions from those that have already signed up to use the site and want to keep this dialogue going to make it the best experience for those in the profession.

TourDigs, aim to provide an on-line reservation service, which is particularly suitable for guests living away from home and working at theatres around the UK.

If you provide accommodation to the touring theatre professional, then it is the place for you.

If you are a touring professional and need to find digs, it’s the place for you too.

TourDigs is the CHEAPEST on-line reservation service with 0% taken from the price of the accommodation. Instead there is a small reservation fee for both parties: Digs costing £100 for the week, the reservation fee would be £2.50.

If you sign up now you will be given £12.50 for your first reservations FREE

The company want you to help them build this website/app the way you would like it to work. Hopefully together, a website/app can be developed that suits the needs of all involved in the touring community. TourDigs provides hosts and guests with the complete reservation process.

Hosts can list their accommodation, accept reservations, keep track of their diary of bookings and review their guests.

Guests can search for digs closest to their theatre, reserve accommodation, keep track of their diary of bookings and review their hosts.

FREE to sign up

FREE to list digs

Currently offering FREE use to get you started

Check them out at: www.tourdigs.com