FEATURE: The Bregenz Opera Festival – The most stunning set designs

The Seebühne, a massive floating stage on Lake Constance, is the centerpiece of the annual Bregenz Festival in Austria. The stage hosts elaborate opera productions that are famous for their eye-popping set designs for audiences of up to 7000. The most astonishing thing is the sheer scale, the performers on the set reduced to ants in the vastness. The James Bond film Quantum of Solace had scenes filmed on the Tosca “eye” set seen below.

Turandot 2015 ©Bregenzer Festspiele / Karl Forster

The Magic Flute - Stage ©Bregenzer Festspiele / Bregenz festival set Anja Köhler

The Magic Flute – Die Zauberfloete 2014 ©Bregenzer Festspiele / Anja Köhler

André Chénier bregenz festival bregenzer

André Chénier 2012 ©Bregenzer Festspiele / Karl Forster

aida bregenz bregenzer festivalopera

Aida 2010 ©Bregenzer Festspiele / andereart


Tosca 2008 ©Benno Hagleitner

Il Trovatore bregenz festival opera bregenzer

Il trovatore ©Karl Forster


©Bregenzer Festspiele

bregenz 3

©Bregenzer Festspiele

bregenz 4

©Bregenzer Festspiele

bregenz 5

©Bregenzer Festspiele

bregenz festival 1

©Bregenzer Festspiele


©Bregenzer Festspiele


©Bregenzer Festspiele

Header image: Rainer Trost