NEWS: Our Lady’s Musical Society is on the lookout for new talent

Following its successful White Christmas last November, Our Lady’s Musical Society will perform its new production Calamity Jane at Motherwell Theatre this November. With songs like “My Secret Love”, “Deadwood Stage”, “Windy City”, “Black Hills of Dakota” and many other familiar favourites it is sure to be another sell-out for this popular society.

White Christmas Blue Skies MT

Blue Skies from Our Lady’s Musical Society’s last production White Christmas.

The show, based on the classic Doris Day film, tells the story of the real-life Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok in mid-19th century Deadwood, South Dakota.

The club is on the lookout for new members – principals, dancers and chorus – particularly men, especially basses – with the talent and enthusiasm for musical theatre.

Rehearsals begin on Thursday 21st April, 7.15pm at Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell.

Charity presentations 2

The Society will soon be holding open auditions for the principal roles, so all you budding Doris Days and Howard Keels, head for the website for all you need to know. The Society, known for its welcoming nature and high production values, is open to everyone with the talent and desire for musical theatre, with or without previous experience. The company meets regularly on Thursday evenings and welcomes potential new and returning members.

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