IT’S NEARLY FRINGE TIME – A guide for Fringe PRs

With the Fringe fast approaching and press releases coming in thick and fast I thought it would be timely to include a short guide for Fringe PRs for those of you wanting us to feature your show.

As some of you may know I’m the Scottish editor at The Public Reviews and write for Broadway Baby at Fringe time so for those brave souls taking their shows to Edinburgh this year this might help:

There are 3000 shows all vying for attention, if you follow these guidelines you have a much better chance that your show will be featured:

  • Do some research on the publications you’re sending your release to – if we don’t cover your genre, please don’t send it – journalists actually talk to one another and spamming every publication won’t get your press release read.
  • Include full listings information at the start of the email.
  • Include full and clear details for your press contact in the email.
  • Format your press releases in plain text, don’t try to be “different” no attention-grabbing formatting quirks or forty different fonts please and be concise.
  • The text of your press release should be in the body of the email. Include a short description of the show. No marketing superlatives or pull-quotes from other publications.
  • Don’t send us any text as an attachment. Don’t send PDFs or a link to a web or Facebook page. Any extra work, (even a single click extra) for overworked editors will result in your release being ignored.
  • The subject of the email should be the show name, the venue and dates.
  • If you have a specific press night, please include full details of date, time and your press contact.
  • Include production information: company, producer, director, writer and cast.
  • Do make sure all the information in your press release is correct, it may seem silly to point it out but errors are often rife, including spelling mistakes!
  • Include an image, preferably landscape. We are an online publication and will only run a feature with an accompanying image.
  • Only include information about one show per email.
  • Email only once please.

For those of you mad enough to go to the Fringe, send your PRs to: or

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