WHAT’S ON MARCH 2015: New plays presented as part of Glasgow International Comedy Festival

New playwright Stephen Brackenridge  presents two new plays in this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

In Potato Artist, after the party at dawn, Baz waits at the primary school where her ex is a teacher. Baz is going to play a love song on guitar and they’ll get back together again. Jamie, Baz’s BFF, tries to talk her out of it, while fending off nosey dogwalkers.

Sandwich shows workers at lunch in a dystopian future, where workers live extremely limited lives. Some begin to naively question conditions, while others raise suspiciously bizarre objections. The play also delves into the present, a time before The Cusp, when the characters and their bosses worked in the same factory.

The Govanhill Baths

Wednesday 25 March
Thursday 26 March
Friday 27 March
Saturday 28 March 19:30

Ticket information: http://www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com/shows/1080