WHAT’S ON MARCH 2015: Hame at The Shed

Hame by Phil Mac Giolla BhainMarch 10th – March 14th 2015 – The Shed, Glasgow – Buy Tickets

The O’Donnell family have been in Glasgow for three generations. Young Seamus O’Donnell first set foot in Scotland in the 1940’s to build the great hydro plants in the Highlands. The young fella from Donegal was proud that there was no stronger man on the site. Seamus wasn’t planning on staying in the foreign place, but he married and settled and in time he became just plain “Jimmy”. In early 2014 Seamus “Jimmy” O’Donnell has defied medical common-sense and stubbornly refuses to die after a massive stroke. His legendary physical strength has abandoned him and will not return, but the spirit remains. He wants to return home to his house in Govanhill where he reared his family, but the professionals are concerned about how he will manage on his own. When the play opens his son Michael and his granddaughter Annemarie are discussing what is best for him. As the events of the independence referendum campaign unfold in the streets of Glasgow and in the Scottish media what unites and divides the different generations of the O’Donnell clan come into sharp relief.