REVIEW: The 39 Steps – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh



Following the quite frankly unbelievable adventures of that most classic of English heroes, Richard Hannay, The 39 Steps is an hysterical romp based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film adaptation of John Buchan’s classic thriller.

This irreverent show has its tongue placed firmly in its cheek, revelling in those particular 1930’s stereotypes: we have a dashing hero, some devilish baddies and a mysterious femme fatale. With pencil moustache firmly glued on and stiff upper lip in place, our hero Hannay displays derring-do and demonstrates daring deeds to defeat the dastardly baddies throughout this fabulous show.

Featuring a cast of four playing 139 roles in a mere 100 minutes, the breath-taking inventiveness never fails to entertain, and the break-neck speed ensures that there’s no moment where the interest falters. This is clever, warm, irreverant, laugh-out-loud funny and above all utterly entertaining.

Catch it if you can as it tours the UK.

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