FEATURE: Chris Thatcher – Jesus Chris Superstar

Another day and news of the release of another musical theatre performers album, however, this time there’s a twist: instead of the vocal showcase we are usually treated to, Jesus CHRIS Superstar is a collection of comedy musical theatre songs and sketches.

Thatcher’s theatre CV includes; playing Trekkie Monster in the current tour of Avenue Q, Witches of Eastwick, Our House, Starlight Express and Grease.

Featuring songs by O`Keefe & Benjamin (Legally Blonde), Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer – The Opera), Marx & Lopez (Avenue Q), comedian Stephen Lynch (The Wedding Singer) and America’s upcoming favorites Kooman & Dimond and Thomsan & Mann. The album also has songs by the latest British writing talent Alexander Bermange, Richard Beadle and Dougal Irvine.

1. Sensitive Song (from Cops)    

2. Cats Audition    

3. I’m In Love    

4. Love Song    

5. If You Were Gay (from Avenue Q)    

6. Job Offer    

7. I’ll Always Be The Understudy    

8. Sex    

9. Lullaby    

10. Get Up And Go    

11. In Short (from Edges)    

12. Thatcher’s Audition    

13. The Morning After You Do It    

14. Swearing    

15. Sensitive Male Best Friend    

16. Advice    

17. Chips Lament (from Spelling Bee)    

18. Crazy For The Musicals    

19. Somebody Kill Me (from Wedding Singer)    

20. To Excess    

21. Rainbow Connection (from The Muppet Movie

Buy it here;

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