REVIEW: Dreamboats and Petticoats, Theatre Royal Glasgow 17th September 2011


September was looking pretty theatre-free at one point, (though it didn’t quite work out like that in the end) so on a whim I booked this. It’s been running since January 2010 in the West End and it’s pretty much a standard juke box musical.

The story (thin as it is) goes…set in 1961 – young musicians Norman and Bobby compete to win a national song writing competition – and, more importantly, the attention of a girl named Sue. But when Bobby discovers that shy Laura is no slouch on the piano, love and rock ‘n’ roll fame beckons…

The cast rattle through well over 40 beloved hits of the early sixties so there really isn’t time for much of a story or a great deal of dialogue, but it’s none the worse off for that. Just a happy, feel good piece of entertainment.

The cast lead by David Ribi and Ben James-Ellis were all in strong voice and really looked as if they were enjoying themselves – their joy was infectious and the crowd sang and danced at all the right moments and the whole house was on its feet at the end.

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