REVIEW: Chess, King’s Theatre Glasgow 9th April 2011 starring James Fox, Daniel Koek, Shona White and David Eric

I’ve never seen this before, it’s probably one of the least seen Tim Rice musicals, written with Bjorn and Benny from Abba. This touring production has been re-staged and re-choreographed by Craig Revell-Horwood (yes him!).

“Two of the world’s greatest chess masters battle it out at the world chess championships but their greatest battle is for the love of one woman. Amidst political intrigue and international conspiracies, the American and the Russian fight to win the heart of Florence Vassy in a romantic triangle that mirrors the heightened passions of the cold war.” – so there!

The more familiar songs in it are probably ‘One Night In Bangkok’ and ‘I Know Him So Well’.

It looks very 80s retro – it is, of course, set during this time and at times the choreography bordered on the cheesy, but it was saved by the strength of the four leads; James Fox, Shona White, Daniel Koek and David Eric, who were all vocally strong, altogether an enjoyable few hours very well performed.

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