REVIEW: Buddy The Musical starring Glen Joseph, King’s Theatre Glasgow 9th July 2011


Its been an eon since I saw this last, so when a family outing was suggested to see it I had enough good memories of it to go again.

This time Buddy is played by Glen Joseph (who took the role in the 2007-9 West End revival)  and supported by Steve Dorsett as The Big Bopper and Miguel Angel as Ritchie Valens. The musicianship of Joseph and The Crickets; played by Christopher Redmond and Dan Graham is just stupendous, reproducing the era’s sound brilliantly. (Glen Joseph’s upside down guitar playing was most impressive!)

Despite the heart-breaking tragedy of the inevitable end, it still comes as a shock; but the fantastically joyous music and the amazing skill of the cast just carries you on a happy wave to the end. It’s a testament to the stupendous talent of Holly that a mixed age audience were on their feet  and knew every word of the songs in the encore. As uplifting as it’s always been – another “go see it”. This time before this “farewell” tour ends.

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